Why Does a Tomato Knife Have Two Points? (Explained!)

Ever have you wondered why a tomato knife has two points? Yes, there are reasons for sure. But what are the reasons? What would happen if a tomato knife lacks two points?

When I bought such a knife for the first time, I was wondering the whole day why it had two points. Later I went for research and found out the reasons behind it.

Gradually, I realized how handy a tomato knife becomes if it has two points at a time. Even I mark the two points tomato knife as the most preferable tomato knife to make the most of the money.

In order to lift the tomato knife easily, it has two prongs that prevent the tomato’s flesh from being damaged. Aside from coring tomatoes, the points are also designed to prepare tomatoes efficiently and effectively.

In this article, I’m going to discuss why a tomato knife has two points briefly. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is the point of a knife?

In layman’s terms, the absolute end of a knife’s blade is the point. Usually, the points are well sharpened and finished in a well-decorated end to serve various purposes.

In other words, the edge and spine of a knife come together or meet together in the point.

There are different types of points available in different types of knives, e.g., drop point, clip pointy, needle point, and spear point.

Sometimes a single knife offers two separate points at a time, and the tomato knives are most common among the two points or multiple points knives.

For example, the Pure Komachi 2 Series Tomato/Cheese Knife has multiple points.

Why two points in a tomato knife?

There are a lot of reasons behind a tomato knife having two points. Eventually, all the reasons center on having very efficient cuts and moving the cuts around very easily. Let us dig into the reasons…

To Pierce or score the tomatoes

There is no way to get expected cuts of tomato if you do not remove the core of it.  When you expect to cut the tomato efficiently, the first thing you need to do is remove the core of the tomato carefully without damaging the inner part of the tomato.

However, with a single point, no matter how sharp it is, the task becomes very hard to execute properly.

But, if you have a knife with two points, you can easily go into or go through the upper surface of the tomato and remove its core without damaging the inner side, since you get a better grab.

Tomato Knife Have Two Points

To Remove or lift the cuts

When you are preparing to cook food and tomato is one of the ingredients, you will need to move/lift or remove the tomato cuts from the cutting board to complete the preparation.

In that case, you don’t want to use your and you don’t want to smash or damage the tomato flesh. Then what do you do? This is where you need a tomato knife with two blades.

A single point will make the process a failure, as you will not be able to garb the cuts well. However, a two points knife will easily get through the flesh and help you lift or remove them from the cutting board even without damaging the flesh.

To aid the tip

The tip is the front area of any knife’s edge. It stays just under the point. The tip is used for dedicated or detailed cutting and chopping. Technically, the point is a part of the tip.

When there are two points, the tip becomes more convenient to operate on dedicated cutting or chopping. Thus, it adds to the overall performance of a tomato knife.

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Is a two points knife mandatory?

No, it isn’t. The one-point knives work just fine. The knives with two points just come with some added benefits.

Is Tomato knife Mandatory for Tomatoes?

No, it is not mandatory that you have to have a tomato knife to cut tomatoes. But getting the best output, it would be better to use a dedicated tomato knife to cut tomatoes. Here I have reviewed the best tomato knife on the market. You could get an idea from here.

Final Thoughts

Actually, the manufacturers developed the two points knives taking the comfort of the users into account. Piercing, scoring, or lifting the cut slices becomes an easy task because of the two points.

If you are planning to buy a tomato knife with your hard-earned money, go for a tomato knife that offers two points and enjoy the optimal benefits for your money.


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