Best Stovetop Smokers Of 2022

You can now taste the ultimate flavor of smoked foods right from your kitchen. Not kidding! Hassle-free simple but appetizing smoke cooking is an absolute reality with The Stovetop Smokers.

These indoor specialist smokers are usable outdoor too. The general size is very compact. The categorized heating sources rely on your preferences and the pure smoky smell is revolutionized at your convenience.

Favorite chicken, vegetables, or steaks all these versatile foods can be infused with a unique taste creating no complexity. You are meant to deal with less equipment, fewer fuels but high tasty outcomes.  

Today, we will walk you through some of the best stovetop smokers along with the buying guide. without further ado, let’s get started!

Buying Guide for Stovetop smokers

Choose from the brands

Don’t let your investment get faded by the faulty services of any low-quality stovetop smoker. Remember that branded products are always service-oriented.  So, choose your tool from the popular and well-reviewed brands like Camerons, Nordic Ware, Charcoal Companion, or Budweiser.  These brands will be worth the productivity of each inch.


For gaining long-lasting service and proper taste, the stovetop smoker must be coated with high-quality structural materials. Aluminum, stainless steel, etc will surely increase the durability and the service of the gadgets will be more effective. Low quality of any part is risky.

Wood chips and smoke dust

These are the favorites that are very important for generating high-quality taste in your food. Best wood chips will produce the finest smoke throughout your food. So, select the best gadget with the finest chip or smoke dust as its feature.

Cooking surface

As you are about to use your smoker mostly for indoor purposes. Look for a modest cooking space that can accommodate enough meals for your family or a few friends. The overall structure plays an important role in creating extra space. 

Heat source

Stovetop smokers work on customized heating zones.  It is pretty obvious to look for a hassle-free source. Find the gadget which can deal with any of the heating sources like gas, electric, open flame, or induction heating system.

Compulsory and additional components

Compulsory components like the strong lid and dripping pan are important for proper smoking and cleanliness. Besides, additional features like foldable side and top handles, temperature gauge, etc are very beneficial for comfortable processing. 

Warranty benefit

Warranty proves the quality of a product. Many of the best products give the benefit of a specific warranty period or even a replacement chance. This benefit works as mental satisfaction.  Try to ensure the existence of a warranty feature while purchasing your desired smoking tool. 

Emphasizing the product reviews

In this era of digital marketing, you will find different sources of reviews about the pros and cons of a gadget. Those reviews can help you make the perfect decision. So, try to go through the analyses of some trustworthy sites. 

best Stovetop Smokers review

Camerons Large Stovetop Smoker w Wood Chips and Recipes – 11″ x 15″ x 3.5″ Stainless Steel Smoker

Do you seek a gadget to smoke your food in a simple but effective way? Are you fed up with all those multi parts cooking accessories? If all of these have become your concern, Camerons large stovetop smoker has emerged as your solution. It is an awesome tool for indoor smoking or you can use it for outside cooking as well.

No need to think of managing any fixed heating source because you can use this gadget on your own preferred stove.  This simple smoker can give you the opportunities for smoking meat, fish, vegetables, and a lot more. This technology comes with reasonable dimensions and is lightweight. Smoke-infused healthy food is an easy task with this innovative tool.

Nordic Ware Indoor/Outdoor Kettle Smoker,

In terms of cooking, we have different preferences regarding the applicable methods. Among many flavors, smoking the food always has huge popularity but a full package for a regular smoker comes with a big multifunctional structure. Nordic Ware kettle smoker is easy to form of smoking your desired meal. The gadget is featured to be used successfully in both indoor and outdoor places.

This kettle smoker can infuse your food with an appetizing smokey taste. You can choose your own heating stove with hassle-free heat processing. Meat, Seafood, Vegetables, and lot more foods will get a new look and taste. Enjoying a smoked meal with friends or family is a matter of ease now. The total dimensions have a weight of 8.14 pounds and the desired temperature should be within 210 degrees.

Charcoal Companion CC4132 KitchenQue Indoor Stovetop Smoker

Smoking foods has always been a part of our delicate taste but traditional smokers are spacious gadgets that are manufactured for outdoor or backyard use. Many of us wish for a tool to smoke food in our own kitchen which was hard to come by. That hard possible dream has become true with this special indoor smoker.

The gadget has fine dimensions for accommodating a good amount of meals.  It has portable and lightweight. Ribs, chicken, and brisket all these smoky delicacies are now an easy reality.

Follow some basic ways like turning on the burner on medium flame followed by placing insta-smoke on the base and then setting the pan for accommodating the meal. Different meal preparation times vary from one item to another. 

Budweiser Stovetop Smoker – The Original Stainless Steel Smoker

Do you seek a hassle-free stovetop smoker that can be your cooking partner both indoor and outdoor? If the answer is yes, the original Budweiser Stainless Steel Smoker can be your desired cooking tool. The modest dimensions of 15.51×11.5×3.82 inches will give a good cooking limit. 6.35 pounds lightweight makes it easy to be carried away.

This great tool has the ability to give you the ultimate taste of smoky meat, fish, vegetables and a lot more. Surprising your friends and family with kitchen-based smoking is no more a mere thought. It has all those necessary components and features that will make your smoking as comfortable as you like. This multipurpose gadget will change your daily meal with ultimate taste. 

Nordic Ware Personal Size Stovetop Kettle Smoker,

This version of the Nordic Ware smoker is smartly designed with a compact size. The smoker has a smooth black coating that looks really glossy and gives bright service. The gadget is meant to be used at both insides of your kitchen and over a grill outside.

There is a light weight of 4.25 pounds or 193 kilograms which covers the total dimensions of 11.75×11.75×7.5 inches. This stovetop smoker will enhance the true taste of a smoky treat. You will have the option to do both wet and dry smoking. You can now call your beloved ones at your home and surprise them with pure smoky taste from your own kitchen.

Best Stovetop Smoker


What is a stovetop smoker?

A stovetop smoker is a simplified smoking gadget. It has been invented with the concept of using a separate metal box to be set up on a stove for customized smoke cooking.

The box is also featured with a dripping pan for food placement and a well-adjustable lid to keep the smoke inside. It does not come with attached heating components. You have the options to use different regular ignition ways.

Why should I use a stovetop smoker?

The old tradition of smoking foods has found a new concept on the modern grilling tools. But the cooking process requires huge space and multifunctional adjustments.

If you want to smoke your food from the little space of your kitchen facing no multi-functional complexity, a stovetop smoker is an ideal tool for you. It will give you the easiest way of having homemade smoky palates. 

Is a stovetop smoker worth the investment?

Stovetop smoker gives all those easy smoking options so that you can have the taste of your desired flavor from the place of your comfort. You can even use it for both indoor and outdoor cooking with little arrangements. These beneficial features prove it worth the money for sure.

What is the best heat source for a stovetop smoker?

As stovetop smokers do not come with fixed heating components, you can use some applicable sources.  Almost all the brands of stovetop smokers serve the feature of smoking either on gas, electric or open flame. So, you can choose any source according to your comfort.

How should I cook on a stovetop smoker?

This type of smoker works in quite a different way.  You should follow the step-by-step processes of cooking on a stovetop smoker.  First of all, you need to preheat the smoker and then set the wood chips followed by placing the dripping Pan and cooking plate. With a good flame under the smoker, you are ready to go.

What kind of supportive accessories do I need?

Support accessories are beneficial for smooth and comfortable cooking. You should look for some extra features on your stovetop smokers such as a handle on the body sides, a handle on the lid, and a visible temperature gauge. These will make your cooking more successful and risk-free.

Do I need to clean my smoker after every use?

Yes, you need to clean your smoker’s components regularly. Every cook leaves some spared food parts like oil or food signs. These can create problems like the signs of rust on the wires which will harm the taste and decrease the durability. So, cleaning is important. You can apply different methods of cleaning. 

Can I use my stovetop smokers in an oven and on a ceramics cooktop? 

Stovetop smokers are made of high resistant materials which make it usable in the oven or on a ceramic cooktop. In case of using it in an oven, you just need to maintain a specific temperature.

Is seasoning a smoker necessary? 

Seasoning a smoker can be very helpful for retaining the performance of your tool continuously. It refers to the certain need of polishing the coating of the smoking components with oil and high heat. Vegetable oil fits the best for the process. This is better to be done within the gap of a certain period. 

Which is the best stovetop smoker?

A perfect stovetop smoker will give you in and out comforts including lightweight, strong coating, dripping pan, finest wood chips,  powerful lid, and additional helping tools.  The best brands like Camerons, Nordic Ware, Charcoal Companion, and Budweiser have the best stovetop smokers for you. These are quite affordable too. 

Final Thoughts

For many years, people have been seeking gadgets that will bring back the traditional smoky cooking at home. Many great smokers have been invented and renovated in order to fulfill that need yet doing such a  big cooking task as smoking indoors was just a mere expectation.

At last, the best stovetop smokers have reached the market with the solution to facilitate compact and customized smoking procedures. I Hope, you have already got your solution!


Tina Jordan here. Cooking delicious dishes for my family has always been a passion for me. Kitchen and cooking go hand in hand. I have spent a lot of time in my kitchen (still do), so I have a very clear understanding of kitchen gadgets.

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