Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill (Review & Buying Guide of 2021)

Don’t you just hate it when you are facing difficulty in the time of cooking with normal gas grills? It happens much when you are using low-quality grills or charcoal grills. Try the pit boss 700FB Pellet Grill to get rid of this. Why?

An effective pellet grill can provide you with amazing cooking service. Also, it maintains the health and hygiene issue. But before buying this, you have to know details about this grill. And for you, here’s our pit boss 700fb review that would never disappoint you.

So, choose the best product. Let your cooking easy and eat fresh foods!

Why Do You Need To Choose Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

No matter how good is your preparation for a house party, you will never satisfy your guest with food or barbecue by low-quality pellet grills. Low-quality pallets will take a large amount of time for cooking your foods. Besides with traditional pellet, the cooking is also not so comfortable.

Pit Boss 700fb manual shows us how good it is for your kitchen. It is one of the famous brands out there in the recent market. They have been using for an outdoor party, indoor picnic or fantastic grilling. Pit comes with some fantastic features which will represent the buying guide section.

Comparison Between Pit Boss 700fb vs Pit Boss 700sc

Comparison AspectPit Boss 700fb GrillPit Boss 700sc Grill
 Product Dimension44″T x 44″W x 28″D47″T x 53″W x 27″D
Grids of CookingCoated wire(Porcelain)Cast Iron (Porcelain)
Hooper Capacity18lb10-18lb
CasterNo swivel casters4 swivel caster carts
Side ShelfNo side shelfOpen bottom side shelf
Cooking Area700 sq. InchesAround 700sq. Inches

Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill Review 

Pit boss 700fb is a kind of grill which comes from a well-known brand. But it doesn’t sound ideal to judge a grill by its brand name. Brand value is significant, but the quality is superior to the brand name.

It is one of the best value-for-money pellet grills at an affordable rate. The pit has 700 sq. Inches cooking surface. The more cooking surface, the more it is easier to cook. Extra cooking surface adds flexibility in cooking.

So, for flexible cooking, you need a budget-friendly grill. And all you will get in Pit boss. Pit boss 700fb dimensions are: 24.8 x 22.05 x 43.11 inches . It has 117.9 pounds of weight which are light enough. It is one of the best-valued product of the Pellet industry. The design of the Pit boss is made out of cast iron. You can cook with Pit by 8-in-1 grills range. The optimal cooking temperature is around 180° to 500°, which is moderate.

The Pit is the best-supported cooking elements in your kitchen. It styles, and the fantastic control board set the standard high for party barbecue. No prerequisite for combustible gas or propane. Our wood pellet fuel makes an exquisite taste and is made of 100% trademark hardwood pellets. So what do you want from this extra-ordinary grill? The basic construction of Pit has Gauge steel fragments, that is robust and dynamic.

Supported cooking styles can be changed with the LCD. It has an awesome readout thermostatic controls. The thermostatic control is rare in other Pellet Grills. Yes, you can set and ignore it for low and high cooking or slide the plate and sear steak over an open fire. You should never need to use pellets again and again. The effectively modified temperature control through the computerized control framework offers you astonishing luxury.

What truly makes the Pit Boss 700fb outstanding? In our eyes, the measure of control is given to the clients is the biggest pros of this model. This model has a kind of smoker where you can set up your foods or vegetables and screen from a far distance. Isn’t it easy for daily cooking? This method is a very comfortable one.

Moreover, this smoker serves as an open fire barbecue in the house party. You can get all fresh and hot meats, for example, burgers or healthy franks. Pit Boss likewise grasps the 3-advance program and attempts to guarantee clients have a too clear cooking experience. It gives more value than the pit boss 700sc.

Key Features

  • Pit Boss Pellet Grills make the cooking easy & comfortable
  • Offers excellent flexibility with 700 sq. cooking space
  • The pit has 21lbs Pellet hopper capacity which is fantastic for comfortable cooking
  • The Porcelain-coated wire will protect the cooking grids
  • Assembled Dimensions is: 44″T x 44″W x 28″D    
  • Pit boss 700fb has digitally controlled burning system
  • Superb temperature controlling
  • Ideal for using to cook in a large family or house party
  • Pit offers top-quality Grills and Smokers at extremely economical rates
  • It is the most cost-effective Pellet Grill in the market

What Makes Pit Boss 700fb Worth Buying?

pitboss-700-fb review

From the Pit Boss 700fb review, we can see the basic features, pros and cons. In this section, we will discuss the other characteristics of the Pit boss for which it is considered to be one of the best pellet grill. Let’s start the journey:


From the Pit Boss 700fb review we get an idea of this brand. It is almost gathering a considerable reputation in the kitchen accessories market. It has extreme brand value. The assembly of Pit 700fb is not a that challenging task. You have to install the bottom shelf with the wheels with the four legs of this Grill. After that attach the barrel with the end. This is how you can assemble a Pit boss Grill.

Build Quality

The 700FB Pellet Grill by Pit Boss comes with traditional metal parts. In some portion, the thick steel has been used. The exterior part is durable enough to absorb the heat emitted by this grill. The exterior is created by the hardened powder-coated steel, which is excellent for high temperature. The basic design is robust enough to beat the previous model of Pit boss, which was 700SC.

Grilling Performance

Pit Boss 700fb is superior to other non-metallic grills. Metal always offers robust construction & durability. If you need your grill to be strong enough to beat all the weather then without any hesitation buy Pit boss 700fb.

Pit’s  Grilling Space

The Pit Boss 700FB has the top-notch capabilities of being a standard grill. It has a massive seven-hundred sq—inches cooking surface. The grill grate is 523 sq inches which are moderately low but okay to deal with. The most important part is- you can cook for a large family with ease by using this cooking Grill. You don’t need to panic during Christmas or new year party. With a 700 sq inches space, you can quickly cook for 6-8 person’s meal.

Durable & Easy To Use

The positive thing about  Pit is – “it is durable.” This model by Pit Boss was specially designed for a large family. It is excellent for a lazy guy who barely goes to the kitchen for cooking. Everything is so easy and comfortable. You can cook meat within the 700FB Pellet Grill. There is a cooking manual with this Grill. By following all the instructions, you can quickly cook for several people.

Temperature Controls

The temperature controls also are amazingly dynamic and comfortable. The non-expert cookers can also handle this Grill easily. The temperature controlling unit is digital. You can set the temperature manually high to low. If you are a beginner cook, then go for this Pit Boss 700fb Grill. The older version of Pit has an analog system that can create problems for the newbie. So, go for this Grill with upgrade technology.

Terms & Condition

Quality is the first priority before buying any device. Every famous brand’s product has some limited warranty. The Pit Boss 700fb Pellet also has a  1-year of warranty. There is service warranty for every vital part of this Grill. You can gather this service only within this 1 year warranty time.

FAQ’s -About Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill

Should I purchase Pit Grill Boss 700FB?

This may be a fantastic entry-level pellet grill with ample skillfulness at a really cheap value. I believe Pit Boss comes with great performance and customer service.

Personally, I will suggest this Grill if you have a bit high budget. But if the budget is low then go for the 700SC model that comes with the facet shelf.

Is The Cooking area is enough for my family of 6 members?

Yes, of course. The Pit Boss 700fb has a 700 sq. inches cooking surface. It is enough for a large family of 6 members. Arrange a house party with your friends and eat fresh food by using this grill.

What is the main drawback of  Pit Boss Grill?

The main drawback is the lack of mobility. It has sturdy steel wheels which are hard to maintain as the wheels are one-directional.

Is pit boss 700fb worth that much?

The pit boss 700fb provides top-notch grilling performance for you. It has 100% natural wood pellets which are awesome to have. The foods cooking with Pit has different taste than the other gas grills. Moreover, it is healthier than gas grills.

Is Pit Boss is a portable Grill?

The cooking manual of the boss brand is not that complicated. If you are a newbie in the cooking world, you don’t need to worry. Cause 700fb will offer easy to cooking option. The easy more temperate control is the reason why it is so portable. If you love a portable pellet grill buy this one.

Wrapping Up

Well, if you come this far from the article, we are pretty sure you get the core idea of the Pit Boss 700fb review, right? It is one of the most dynamic Pellet Grill in the modern cooking world. Suitable for a six people barbecue on a Sunday evening.

Lastly, choose this Grill if you have a large family and you love wide cooking surface. But stay away from this Grill if your budget is really in bad condition. But if you prefer quality over money then go for Pit 700fb Grill. Buy Pit Boss 700fb and enjoy the delicious foods with comfortable cooking experience.

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