Nexgrill vs Weber Grill | Ultimate Comparison & Buying Guide

Nexgrill and Weber are the two best grill manufacturers who compete in the current world market for their price and demand. Do you want to know who is the best of the best? Or want to buy a new grill for your backyard and you don’t know which grill is best for you? Then we think this context is for you.

People who love grilling should know Weber is a very old manufacturer in the grilling industries. On the other hand, Nexgrill undoubtedly becomes a tough competitor with Weber for its budget pricing. These two brands maintain their market share, demand, new features of advanced technology according to people’s wants within their budget.

Now, we are going to compare them with different criteria like design, heat output, technology, consistency and performance, grill area, maintenance, warranty, price, etc. and we can assure you which is the best value for the money.

In this article, we like to guide you on the comparison between Nexgrillvs Weber step by step in-depth. After reading this, you can understand what to consider before buying these two manufacturers.

Basic Overview About Two Grills


Nexgrill Industries, Inc. is situated in Chino, California, and founded in 1993. It is renowned for its versatile grills and grilling component. It is mainly manufactured and supplies stainless gas grills, outdoor kitchen ideas with outdoor and indoor seasonal hardware products.

Nexgrill offers you a different kind of option at a reasonable price. They are not very costly. People of different tiers can afford their grills. The cooking experience with Nexgrill is very impressive. The reviews of buyers are quite appreciable.

The design of the Nexgrill is very unique. Though they are not too expensive but look very attractive. They have plenty of premium features that help make it different and more acceptable than other grills to the customers.

Nexgrill supplies the following products for their customer: stainless steel kitchen food prep carts, stainless steel finish patio heaters, stainless steel partials grills, stainless steel pedestal design grills, outdoor fire pits, cast aluminum finish with old brick color patio heaters, etc.

They have a good user-friendly website. The manuals and parts list are sorts out indifferent categories. But if you order them for a part of the grill the arrival time of the parts is very slowwhich is very much troubling for the critical part. But these problems not only in Nexgrill but also happens with other famous brands.

However, Nexgrill is not the best grill in the world, but for the price, they do an excellent job. Think deeply,  and take your decision wisely. A wrong decision will cost you a large number of bucks.

Read this Guide to clean the Nexgrill Effectively!

Top Reasons to Buy Nexgrill

Cooking Capacity

The average primary grilling space of Nexgrill is around 225 sq. inches to 564 sq. inches and the secondary are about 100 sq inches. Nexgrill is very preferable for a large family with a wide cooking area. The secondary cooking area offers to keep the food warm and need less temperature for cooking. Isn’t it excellent for cooking? Think twice.


Nexgrill grills are made of cast iron which is coated with porcelain. The cast iron is very durable for their rust assistant coating. They can also deliver the heat evenly through the chamber for a long time. Cast iron is very easy to clean and is very ideal for the grills. Some cheap Nexgrill gas grills use stainless steel grates but they are not as hot or last as very long as the porcelain-coated cast iron.

Fuel Gauge

The fuel gauge is used recently in the grills to see the actual amount of propane remaining in the propane tank. For the better and long time cooking fuel gauge let you know how much propane is left inside the tank.

Side burners

Nexgrill gas grills offer individuals side burners with individual control. So anyone can cook different food on a different burner at the same time. The average burner count of Nexgrill is two to six. Some grills have both side burners and warming areas for cooking vegetables and other dishes as well as chicken, steak on the main burners. It is a very unique feature of Nexgrill gas grills.

Infrared Grilling

Some Nexgrill gas grills offer infrared grilling features which are very amazing. It uses mainly radiant heat rather than convection heat to sear the meat. Infrared grilling keeps the meat moist and cooks evenly. It prevents the flare-ups from the burning fire.


Some larger Nexgrill models have wheels for easy moving around the year and deck. The wheels have swivel locking casters that can lock the wheel and make it steady. For outside, wheels are very important for moving the grill here and there.


There are some accessories provided by Nexgrill like a rotisserie, storage cabinet, shelving beneath. Rotisserie allows the cook to cook meat slowly like whole chicken or leg of lamb. The storage cabinet can store a grill fork. propane tank, grill fork, tongs, and other grilling staff.

Weber Grill

Weber is a brand, product of Weber-Stephen Products LLC. It is a privately held American manufacturer and its renowned for the best grill accessories, electric outdoor grills, and charcoal gas grills. On 8 May 1893, Weber initially incorporated as Weber Bros. Metal Works.

In 1951, George Stephen Sr. was the inventor of the charcoal kettle. This kettleis known as George’s Barbecue Kettle and it became famous.

Weber grills provide you the best quality, most reliable, all-round gas grill available on the market. For various outdoor conditions and budget, Weber grills offer you a well designed, huge grill area, dynamic cooking style for all people in different tires. The design of the Weber grills is decent but gorgeous. They mainly use stainless steel for the body of the grills.

On top of that, the response time of Weber’s customer service is very quick and user friendly. Very easy to order and can replace their component any time if you want. The user manual is also very simple with visual direction for a better understanding of the people.

Top reasons to buy Weber

Brand Name

Weber is very renowned for its quality. It is one of the leading grill brands for a long time. For quality and services, people believe in Weber completely.

Constant Innovation

Modern technology updates everyday. Nowadays people demand more technology-based grill for easier cooking and other benefits. Weber researches every aspect of the grill and makes it better.

Reliable and Versatile

There are many reasons why people prefer Weber but the main reason is reliability. Weber grills are made of cast iron. Cast iron is very durable. For strong construction, it can produce more heat but it is safe for use. On the other hand, some of Weber’s grills have a huge space for cooking. People can ignite their burners and control them individually. The propane tank is closed cart covering which is safer for the people.  Weber is called the safest grills manufacturer in the world.

Wide Range of Products

Weber offers you a variety of products at different price points and preferences. people can choose their ideal product from huge criteria. If anyone needs serious grilling devices then the Weber 1710001 Summit S-420can be the best choice. Some Weber grills have huge cooking space for multitasking. The side burner is also settled for cooking which is vastly preferable for people.

Specific Products For Specific Usage

We already know that Weber is very popular for versatile product manufacturing. If you need a high-end grill you have to pay more money. Meanwhile, if you are a mid-range buyer you can buy a mid-range budget grill. In one word, Weber provides all kinds of products within customers’ budget and demand. Suppose anyone prefers to cook chicken in a rotisserie then the most suitable Weber grill will be Weber-2290 Charcoal Kettel Rotisserie. Like this, Weber has a variety of features of grills that have become handy in different conditions.

Grilling Your High-Protein Meats on a Weber

Meat is a source of high-protein. It makes our muscles stronger. Meats are a source of nutrients such as riboflavin and thiamine which are both healthy for our diet. But making grills on the ordinary grill provides less fat to you. Meanwhile, Weber, with high-quality non-stick grill grates, does not need any kind of coating oil. That gives you the perfect and healthy BBQ meat with high-protein.    

Overall Rating

At the hour of this audit, this grill has a 4.5-star general rating on Amazon, with well more than 1,000 surveys posted. Home Depot clients have given it a 4.7-star rating with well more than 7,000 audits posted. On the off chance that you need a straightforward, solid-gas flame broil that is evaluated reasonably and will keep going for quite a long time, this is the one for you.

Basic Comparison Between Nexgrill vs Weber Grill

Design and Construction

There are two basic types of grills: cart-style and cabinet style. Cart-style is an open style grill with a lower shelf and two wheels. Generally, It is very light and best for portability; on the other hand, cabinet-style, there is a set of doors under the grilling room.

Stainless steel or cast aluminum is the main material for the construction of the body. Stainless steel is more demandable than the cast iron. But for long-lasting usage sometimes cast iron is also used. Cast iron is excellent for the sear marks and delivers heat evenly to the grills chamber quickly. Nexgrill is a cabinet style grill that gives much storage space and 304-grade stainless steel makes it very durable. However, the grates are not as strong as the body and only coated with stainless steel.

On the other hand, Weber is made of cast iron. The cast iron is coated by porcelain.  Cleaning of the grill grate is very easy, and the cooking power is boosted much. For the cast, iron weber is much heavier than Nexgrill.  It offers fewer burners and a cart-style. For strong build quality, Weber is far better than Nexgrill.

I’ve been a barbecuing lover for as far back as I can recall. Yet, being given to charcoal for a long time, I was late finding the weber gas grill . I despise everything love barbecuing with charcoal, particularly while outdoors, yet since beginning a family right around seven years prior, I’ve exchanged over to cooking on a gas flame broil. Why? Since the best gas flame broils are substantially more productive than their charcoal partners and are a lot simpler to utilize. I don’t say nexgrill is bad but I love weber for its design & durability.

Heat Consistency and Performances

The output of gas burners is measured by BTUs (British thermal units) which means the amount of energy is needed to raise one pound of water by one degree on the Fahrenheit scale.

The Nexgrill model has two burners. Each of them delivers  28,000 BTU per hour. The construction of Nexgrill is corrosion-resistant that allows all the burner runs and provides huge burning power. Some people want to use propane rather than natural gas but the Nexgrill heating technology provides almost the same cooking power for different cooking conditions.

The cooking power of Weber is a little bit down from Nexgrill. It generates 26500 BTU per hour from the main burner. This heating energy heats the whole 450 sq. of the cooking area. The electronic crossover becomes very handy in this situation. It makes the grill very easy to use. To measure the heat, there is a thermometer and a fuel gauge on the lid.

The output difference is massive. We see Nexgrill is far ahead from Weber for an extra 1500 BTU which is created by Nexgrill.


The price of grills depends on various aspects like size, durability, construction. If these aspects are well qualified then the price of the grill will rise. That’s why manufacturers provide different kinds of the grill at different price points. People want to get the best grill within their price range.

Weber is slightly more costly than Nexgrill for its iron cast construction and huge cooking space. If anyone judges the price as a primary factor Nexgrill wins clearly.

Many people choose cheap gas grills for their kitchen. I don’t say a low budget’s product is terrible. But I always prefer quality over price. If the price is low, but the product is not durable, it will not be worth enough. You need to be careful about the longevity. For this reason, always go for quality, not the cheap rate. An expensive product with great productivity is highly recommended.

Temperature Range

Grills are high-heat applications for BBQ and other high intense cooking. It generates more heat than a regular cooker. The temperature of a high-end grill is around 220 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum performance.

Weber is a high-end grill that produces 500-550 degrees Fahrenheit. For low heat settings, it maintains around 250 degrees.

Meanwhile, Nexgrill produces 300 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit for the intense workload. But Nexgrill lightweight construction cannot let it burn with high temperatures for safety issues. At this point, Weber wins precisely.

Cooking space

The average cooking space needs around 350 square inches for four people. For more people, you should buy grills with more cooking space.

The main cooking surface of the Weber is 450 squares inch with two burners. The Nexgrill provides 462 sq. inches cooking space with 164.5 sq.inch extra secondary warming rack.

From this point of view, Nexgrill is far ahead from Weber.


Every reputable industry provides a guarantee for back up their products and components. The warranties mainly depend on the quality of products and prices.

Weber offers a full 10 years warranty as well as Nexgrill. But the main difference is Nexgrill doesn’t provide any guarantee for the parts. That’s why in this aspect Weber wins.

Let’s see and compare the features of top two grills of Weber and Nexgrill and find out the differences :

Comparison AspectsEvolution 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill in Stainless Steel with Infrared TechnologyWeber 44010001 Soirit II E-210 2- Burner Liquid Propane Grill, Black
Heat Output2,8000 BTUs/hour26,500BTUs/hr
Cooking Area450 sq (385 sq. cooking area and 65 sq. secondary warming area450sq.
Weight100.6 pounds103 pounds
ColorStainless SteelBlack
Warranty8 years10 Years

Which Grill is the Best and Why Do We Trust Them?

Both grills are best in different aspects. Nexgrill is far ahead formed Weber for the total heat output of 28,000 BTU, while the Weber model provides 26,500 BTU. The difference between total burning output is 1500 BTU is enough to make purchase Nexgrill for cooking purposes.

Present-day cooking innovation is more than “approaches to warm things better and quicker” as it may. It’s additionally about scent the board, shrewd clocks and temperature control, gas and power productivity, and enlistment cooktops. The progressions may appear discreet, yet they have a significant effect like the food we cook each day.

The infrared cooking technology of both of the grills is the same. But for better cooking output of Nexgrill is slightly ahead from Weber. Weber’s advanced flavoring bars ensure delicious food for the owner. Very good quality gas grill likewise have more force, which implies more warmth.

The cooking space of Nexgrill is larger than Weber’s. The average cooking space of Weber is 450 sq. inches and on the other side, Nexgrill offers 462 sq. inches cooking space addition with secondary 164.5 warming space. For huge space for cooking Nexgrill is on top of the Weber.

Nexgrill is very light in weight. The main construction of Nexgrill is made of stainless steel. It makes the grill grate more durable and light. Rust free grill grates deliver heat evenly to the burner which makes steak more sear and delicious. Meanwhile, The weber is slightly heavier than Nexgrill for its cast-iron structure. It’s more durable than the stainless steel body of Nexgrill but the lightweight of Nexgrill makes it a portable gas grill.

The price tag of Weber and Nexgrill is also a very important aspect of comparing. Nexgrill is cheaper than Weber with its lightweight and great cooking power. Weber is a little bit expensive for its useful extra features and durability.

People claim that Nexgrill is very easy to use like connect the gas line, easy to clean up, and parts are very easy to connect. Every buyer like the rotisserie ability of side burner, stainless steel with an exterior temp gauge assures the right temperature of the meat. It does not need extra or regular maintenance. Some buyers claim that the total space of Nexgrill is very impressive. There is enough space for storage other things under the burner.  

From this comparison, we come to know that Nexgrill beats Weber in some ways Like total cooking power, lightweight, portability, cooking space, stainless steel structure, etc. People can buy it within their budget too.

Final Verdict

As we consider the differences between Weber vsNexgrill on different aspects help you to know which grill’s manufacturer is best. Nexgrill is far ahead from Weber in price range,cooking power,  weight, cooking space, design, accessories.

Weber sorts out every single aspect of the gas grill and makes it more unique, technology-based, and reliable to the customers. It provides premium components and designs to the customers. The long time guarantee is proven the quality of components of the gas grill. So, if you need high-end grills where the price is not an issue then Weber should be your best choice.

Meanwhile, Nexgrill is a cheap gas grill with lightweight, massive cooking power, large cooking space, and unique design. The build-quality and cooking quality as not as Weber grills. If you are tight in the budget but need a large cooking space with massive cooking power Nexgrill should be your best choice.

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