Nexgrill vs Char Broil – [In Depth Comparison & Buying Guide]

Spending quality time with family and friends is very crucial. When we plan family gatherings, trips, camping, picnics, and BBQ parties with family and friends, we must have arrangements for quality food as well. This is where we need quality grills for our outdoor kitchen.

Many brands try to stand out at the grill market producing the best quality products possible. However, over the years, Nexgrill and Char Broil have been the two prominent names in grill industry. They offer top class products with advanced features and services at a reasonable price point. Yet, in some instances, it is necessary to differentiate between these giants to find out the minimal edge and to get to the right one.

Today we are going to show you a comprehensive Nexgrill vs Char Broil comparison to help you get to the best grill for your needs.

Nexgrill and Char Broil grills legacy overview

Now you are going to know about the legacy or history and short introduction of Nexgrill and Char Broil. This section will give you some ideas about the brands, and then will get into a detailed discussion.


In 1993, the brand Nexgrill came into being. The California based brand was a furniture manufacture then, but very soon, they put their foot on grill industry. Right now, Nexgrill is one of the most popular grill brands worldwide. Nexgrill makes the most of buyers’ money.

If you want to know why Nexgrill is so popular, the answer is very simple: Nexgrill stands out because of its affordable high-tech and high quality productions. In fact, it is a rarity these days to provide such quality products at a relatively cheaper rate.

Nexgrill also produces grills of different sizes, and all of them are affordable. In short, a reasonable price point and a heap of handy features could be the reason for going for Nexgrill.

Here is a In-depth guide to clean the Nexgrill!

Char Broil

Char Boil is a Columbus, Georgia based brand, which was established in 1948. Today, literally, Char  Boil is the only one of its kind. Over the past century, it has gained unmatchable popularity providing the best quality grill for the outdoor kitchen.

 It does not matter whatever size you need, Char Boil produces grills of all sizes. You can have electric, gas, and charcoal grills along with some others grills. All of the grills of Char Boil are relatively lightweight and offer better heat control.

Most interestingly, Being a subsidiary of WC Bradley CO., Char Boil owns some high profile brands, e.g., Dancook, Saber, Oklahoma Joe’s, etc.

Key Differences

Here is a comparison table that will give you a clear idea regarding the key differences between these two brands.

AreaNexgrillChar Boil
Cooking SpaceRelatively Smaller (Up to 564 sq. inches)Relatively Bigger (Up to 650 sq. inches)
ConstructionLess SturdyVery Sturdy
TemperatureProduces More BTUComparatively Less BTU
CleanupA Bit TrickyEasy Clean up Because Porcelain Coating
PortabilityLightweightA Little Heavier
Temperature ControlLess AdvancedAdvanced
IgnitionLess AdvancedEclectic and Advanced
PriceCosts LessAffordable But Costs a Bit More

Nexgrill vs Char broil Detailed Comparison

This section will describe the differences between Nexgrill and Char Broil in detail. It will give you an in-depth view of the differences.

Cooking Space:

Be whatever the brand, the cooking surface is very crucial. It is no wonder that almost all consumers care about.

Basically, both the brands offer satisfying cooking space compared to the price point. Nevertheless, in some circumstances, Char Boil comes on top, and in some, Nexgrill is on top. For example, if you want a 6-burner grill. Char Broil offers a gigantic cooking area of 650 sq. inches, while Nexgrill offer a cooking area of 564 sq. inches. Actually, the difference is somewhat huge, almost 100 square inches. However, both are enough for whatever you are planning.

If we compare the 4-burner grills, we find that Nexgrill offers a cooking area of 644 sq. inches. On the other hand, Char Boil comes with a cooking area of 425 sq. inches. Certainly, the difference is not too big, yet noticeable.


Another crucial point is the construction of grills. In fact, the durability, versatility, portability and overall performances depend on the construction or the material used to build the grill.

When your concern is construction of grills, we assure you, Char Boil takes lead. It offers extreme sturdiness and durability. It uses heavy-duty materials and porcelain coating. Besides, its stainless steel adds to the durability making it anti-rust.

On the other side, Nexgrill’s drawback is its cheap construction. Even the quality of stainless steel is questionable. In short, its construction questions its integrity. It is not that sturdy indeed. You have to keep it away from water; otherwise, rust issues may trouble you.


Portability is one of those features that most of the adventure lover grillers are concerned about. Besides, for a comfortable cooking experience, it is mandatory that your grill needs to be easily portable.

Negrill produces lightweight grills. All the grills of Nexgrill are comparatively lightweight. Moreover, they come with foldable legs and wheels making it super easy to take them from one place to another.

On the other hand, Char Boil grills are a bit heavy compared to Nexgrill. Therefore, it is a bit hard to push them alone. However, they also come with wheels.

Heat Temperature:

In this segment, Nexgrill is up ahead in a noticeable margin. If we talk about the 6-burner grills, we find both the brands maintain affinity; very interestingly, they produce the same amount of heat, which is 60,000 BTU in the main burners.

However, when we consider the side burners, we find that NexGrill is quite ahead of Char Boil. Nexgrill produces a massive amount of heat, 15,000 BTU. But, Char Boil produces only 10,000 BTU. It a huge margin indeed.

Apart from this, when we consider the 4-burners, we also find that Nexgrill does better than Char Boil. Nexgrill produces 12,000 BTU, while Char Boil produces 10,000 BTU at best. There, it is crystal clear that, when it comes to heating capacity, Nexgrill does better.


An easy cleanup system is a must for every quality grills. It ensures comfort and efficiency in overall cocking experience. Char Boil possesses porcelain coating. Technically, it is easy to clean Char Boil grills. You can clean it very easily with minimal effort.

But some models of Nexgrill doesn’t offer porcelain coating, so you may have hard times cleaning it.


Char Boil and Nexgrill both excel in ignition system with their high-tech electric ignition system. Therefore, you can easily starts the fire and continue cooking.

NExgrill vs Char Broil: Top two products comparison

Now we will compare the top two products from each brand. We will discuss all their features from every aspect. This will give a more clear idea about the similarities and subtle differences they possess.

2-burner comparison: Nexgrill Evolution VS Char Broil Performance 300

Both are two-burner gas grill. Besides, both are very prominent among the grillers. At first, we have tried to point out the key features in short, which actually represents the whole products. Here is a comparison table:

AreaNexgrill EvolutionChar Broil Performance 300
ConstructionStainless steelStainless steel
Number of Burners0202
Cooking Space311 square inches300 square inches
Grates CoatingPorcelain coatedPorcelain coated
Energy SourceBoth liquid propane and infrared technologyLiquid propane
Ignition SystemElectric ignition startupElectric ignition startup
CleanupEasy to cleanEasy to clean + removable grease pan
Side TablesYes + FoldableYes
Coking HeightMultipleLimited
PortabilityWheels for transportationWheels for transportation


Both the grills come with stainless steel construction. The Nexgrill Evolution has an elegant and stylish design and stainless steel adds to it.  Moreover, it possesses cast iron cooking grids.

The Char Boil Performance 300 is no less in construction. Stainless steel construction is well enough to make the most of your money.

Number of Burners:

When it comes to burners, there are no differences indeed. Both have two burners.

Cooking Space:

There is a subtle yet noticeable difference when it comes to the cooking space.

  • Nexgrill has a cooking area of 311 square inches: the surface area is 17×18 inches.
  • Char Boil has a cooking area of 300 square inches.

Grates Coating:

Both the grills offer porcelain covered cooking grates, which ensures a better cooking experience.

Energy Source:

The Nexgrill Evolution comes with both the liquid propane and infrared technology at once. It is a big advantage in some circumstances, such as:

  • You can cook faster using the liquid propane
  • You can go for the non-traditional way of cooking as well.

On the other hand, The Char Boil Performance 300 takes liquid propane to run. It is very convenient for faster cooking experience.

Ignition System:

Both the grillers offer an easy startup system with their electric ignition startup system.


As both the grills come with porcelain coverings, it not a hard task to clean them up. You can clean them with a little effort. Besides, Char Boil comes with a removable grease pan, which is a blessing for easy cleanup.

Side Tables:

Both the grills have side tables. However, the advantage of Nexgrill is it has foldable side tables. Therefore, after using it, you can keep it folded. It is more convenient.

Coking Height:

There is a difference in how the grills use energy. They also differ in cooking heights. The Nexgrill Evolution offers multiple cooking heights. It also allows indirect heating system.

On the other side, The Char Boil Performance 300 does not offer multiple cooking heights, but offers longer straw in 2-burner.


Both come with the same type of wheel. Therefore, you will not be able to transport them easily from here to there.


Both the constructions are sturdy. They use high-quality stainless steel. The Nexgrill Evolution has all stainless steel parts and cast iron cooking grids. Therefore, durability ensured. However, the base part is not that sturdy.

On the other hand, The Char Boil Performance 300 is also stainless steel built. Its study design boats its durability.

4-Burner Comparison: Nexgrill 720-0830H VS Char Broil 463377319

This time both the grills are two-burner gas grill. Both are very prominent among the grillers as well. Like before, we will know the key features at first, and then will get into a more detailed discussion. Here is a comparison table:

AreaNexgrill 720-0830HChar Broil 463377319
ConstructionMixed-stainless steelStainless steel
Number of Burners0404
Burner MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Cooking Space644 square inches425 square inches
GratesStainless steel + porcelain coatingCast iron + porcelain coating
Energy SourceLiquid propaneLiquid propane
Ignition SystemElectric ignition startupElectric ignition startup
CleanupEasy to cleanEasy to clean + removable grease pan
Side ShelfYesYes
Side BurnerYesYes
Portability4 caster wheels for transportationWheels for transportation
DurabilityComparatively less durableComparatively more durable


When it comes to construction, the Char Broil 463377319 stand out because of its full stainless steel construction.

On the other hand, the Nexgrill 720-0830H comes with a mixed-stainless construction, which feels a bit fragile.

Cooking Space:

In terms of cooking space, the Nexgrill 720-0830H is far ahead than the Char-Broil 463377319. Nexgrill offers a huge cooking surface of 644 square inches. While Char-Broil offers a cooking surface of only 425 square inches.

The difference is huge in this case. Therefore, if you need a big cooking surface, you know which one you need.

Burners and Burner Materials:

There is no difference indeed. Both come with four burners. Alike the number of burners, the burner material is identical. Both the grillers have stainless steel burners.


Both the grill comes with study cooking grates. Nexgrill offers stainless steel grates with a porcelain coating. While Char Broil comes with cast iron grates and porcelain coating.

Energy Source:

Both the Nexgrill 720-0830H and the Char Broil 463377319 run on liquid propane gas. Therefore, there are no multiple cooking heights in any of them. Nevertheless, they cook comparatively faster using liquid propane.

Ignition System:

Both the grills have an electric ignition startup system. Therefore, there is no worry about the startup.


Because of the porcelain coating, it is easy to clean both the grills. However, Char Broil 463377319 moves a bit ahead in cleanup as it has a removable grease pan.

Side Shelf and side burners: Both these features are very handy to ensure easy COOKING. Nowadays, Everyone PREFERS TO HAVE A GRILL WITH Both the features. When the situation is such, neither of these grills disappoints. They come with a side shelf and a side burner as well. You can just warm your food or sauces easily. Besides, you can use them to hold your food or other materials while preparing for cooking or before serving.


The Nexgrill 720-0830H comes with 4 caster wheels. That is why it is easy to transport. However, the Char Broil 463377319 is also up to the mark with its wheels for transportation.


While Char Broil offers full stainless steel construction, Nexgrill offers mixed-stainless steel construction. Charbroil has a base that is also fully stainless steel built. It ensures durability as guaranteed.

Nexgrill feels flimsy and weighs very less compared to its size. There, it is not durable like the Char Broil.

Additional Feature:

The Nexgrill 720-0830H comes with an interesting and handy additional feature. Angled flame tamers are such a feature. They ensure the food is evenly cooked; they distribute heat evenly.

It also takes care of flare-ups thus prevents the food from accidental burning. Besides, it adds an intense and appealing flavor to foods as it makes vapor out of food drippings constantly.

Final Verdict

You have been into a detailed and comprehensive discussion concerning the differences between Nexgrill and Char Broil. We have tried to discuss from every aspects possible and brought out every differences between these two.

Both of these brands are excellent and produce quality products. However, considering all the little differences, eventually, we have reached a verdict.

GO for the Nexgrill, when:

  • Your budget is a bit low or restricted
  • You want a high heating capacity grill
  • Your preference is a lightweight grill
  • Your preference is an easily portable grill
  • You want evenly cooked and fuss-free meat
  • Multiple cooking heights in 2-burner

On the other hand, go for the Char Boil, when:

  • You want  have adequate budget or no restrictions
  • You are very serious about grill quality
  • You want high-tech and more advanced features
  • Your preference is comparatively larger cooking space
  • Your preference is durability
  • You want longer straw in 2-burner

We hope this article has been of some use to you and now you can differentiate between these while buying one.

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