Juicing vs Blending | What’s the difference?

To lead a healthy lifestyle, there is no alternative to eat healthy foods and vegetables. But it is tough indeed to maintain for the people who are busy with their tight schedule. If you are one of them, then you may rely on juicing or blending. That is a great package for a quick healthy and delicious drink because blending and juicing provides you several portions of fruits and veggies into one glass.

Anyway, some of us have some confusion about juicing and blending and they don’t have a proper idea of the difference between Juicing and blending. Here in this article, I have tried to cover in detail Juicing vs Blending and which one is best for you.

So, keep reading to learn more.

The principle of juicing

You will find different types of juicier in the market. but, Let’s know the juicing principle. Mainly juicing is to take food and turn them into juice escaping all kinds of fiber ingredients on it. However, there is some complication here.

In juicing, you will get only the highly concentrated nutrients, water from the vegetables and fruits. It doesn’t include the fibrous material. That is why itis easy to breakdown for your body. For digestive problem juicing is more favorable. Vegetable juices are full of nutrients and have the capability of restoring your body cell quickly and helpful for detoxification.

The principle of Blending

The mechanism of blending is different from juicing. Here, the nutrients and water are not extracted like juicing.

Simply, blending squeeze vegetables and fruits into thicker substance. This mixture includes both fiber and nutrients and it is known as a smoothie. 

Blending is the best way to get the most from green vegetables. Though the mixture of liquid is not so smooth like juicing, you will get the maximum from here.

Besides, it does not enhance your blood sugar which juicing does

Juice and smoothies

So, What’s the difference between juicing and blending?

Now you should easily understand the difference between juicing and blending.

It is all about the end products and the presence of micronutrients.

In juicing you accept only the juice from vegetables and fruits except for all kinds of fiber products like pulp and thrashes. On the other hand, in blending, you get all the pulp and fiber those substances on the juice with several distinctions in a very tiny size.

This point makes them different from each other.

Juicing Intense more amounts of nutrients and vitamins. Stress-free captivation of nutrients in juicing you avoids palp, which carries the most needed nutrition for our body. All the fibers and smallest peach of fruits and vegetables you can take with a blending juice. Blending juice provides you with proper antioxidants more than juicing.

Which one includes more nutrients between Juicing and bleeding?

When you are taking any fruit juice then you may concern about proper nutrition.

An actual experiment conducted by food scientists from Texas A&M University in 2012 that evaluated both types of food processing. In this experiment; they use blender and juicer for making grape juice. The result is: The blender juice is more nutritious then juicer juice.

Particularly they found that blended grape juice contains seven times more naringin than juicing juice. Narigin has anti-cancer properties, antioxidant and inflammatory agents .it also beneficial for diabetes treatment.

Advantages of juicing

Advantages of Juicing

Juicing is easily digestible and adaptable for human bodies. When you are juicing fruits and vegetables, it chews them and squeezes away just the water and nutrient content that’s found in the epithelium of the fruit.

Fibrous ingredients of fruit slow down your digestion process and nutrition absorption. So, undoubtedly, you can get instant energy with a glass of fruit juice. 

You have the flexibility to make vegetable mix Fruit Juice. Like mixing some apples, bananas, carrots, and cucumbers to prepare a sweet cocktail drink that is also helpful for health. Where you can get benefit from both vegetables and fruits.

Disadvantages of Juicing

Expensive. The price of juicers is a little bit high so that it may not be affordable for all.

Time Consuming. Both the juicing process and the cleaning process are very time-consuming. If you are in a tight schedule, then you should go for a dishwasher free juicer. 

Advantages of Blending

  • contains fiber that ensures the continuous release of sugar in blood circulation. So, you don’t need to be panic about the frequent rising of sugar level.
  • you can blend almost every type of vegetables and fruits. So, there is no hard and fast rules or limitations here.
  • Inexpensive. blender is inexpensive than a juicer.
  • Disadvantages of Blending
  • It contains fewer Nutrients than blending.
  • In the case of carrots, potatoes, and beets you will get less amount of nutrients.

Final Words

Juicing and blending are different in output. But their main product is juice which is now become a very popular form of a nutritious drink. Both of them have some advantages and limitations. I hope, now you can understand the difference in Juicing vs blending. So, don’t make a delay to grab which one is preferable to you and lead a healthy life against your tight schedule.


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