Is 400 CFM Enough For a Range Hood?

How many CFM do I need for my range hood? Is 400 CFM enough for a range hood? These questions sound very familiar to every sensible person looking for or using a range hood, don’t they?  

Actually, CFM matters a lot to keep your kitchen and home free from harmful pollutants like CO2, N2O, etc. That’s why if your range hood lacks the CFM your kitchen needs, it will fail to fulfill the purpose eventually.

My experience says that before we buy a range hood we just wander here and there looking for the answers. I understand your concern and today I have come up with a complete guideline on rangehood CFM; it will answer all of your questions concerning CFM. Go through it…

Is 400 CFM really enough for a range hood?

My simple answer to this question is “maybe”.  A 400 CFM range hood is quite enough for casual cooking. But when it comes to heavy cooking with lots of tasks, I don’t recommend buying a hood of 400 CFM.

For instance, Asian cuisine is not the same as the rest of the world. Particularly, like Indian cooking, Chinese cooking is very severe with a heap of tasks. Therefore, if you want to buy a range hood for Indian cooking, high CFM should always be your priority.

In the same way, being a part of Asian cuisine, Chinese cooking culture also demands high CFM. Consequently, it is very often recommended to use high CFM range hoods for Chinese cooking as well. But the other cooking culture of America or Europe doesn’t involve that much severity.

There is a basic technique for determining the CFM by comparing it with the BTUs of the cooktop. The rule says it requires a 100 CFM range hood for every 10,000 BTUs. For example, if your cooktop produces 70000 BTUs, you will need a range hood of at least 700 CFM.

Casual cooking

If you don’t plan to cook Chinese or Indian food and your kitchen’s cooktop produces the maximum BTU, then a 400 CFM range hood is enough for your kitchen since it is nothing but casual cooking. You just need to match the CFM in proportionately with your cooking surface’s total BTU.

Asian cooking

As I mentioned about Asian cuisine earlier, it requires a thoughtful decision. As the severity of Asian cooking is very high, you will need a very high CFM if you cook Asian food for hours. I recommend a hood with 900+ CFM, of course considering the BTUs. The CFM needs to be a bit high compared to the basic rule; a 900+ CFM hood in place of a 700 CFM hood. However, if you are not frequent in Asian cooking, you can get the job done using a 700 CFM hood.

To sum up, whether 400 CFM is enough for a range hood or not depends on a few things, from the cooking culture, BTU to the cooking frequency; no constant answer to this question. 

How many CFM do I need for my range hood_

How many CFM do I need for my range hood?

There is no absolute to this question as we have already known it from the above discussion. Yet, there are a few things to consider while buying a range hood. Basically, those things together determine how much CFM your need for your kitchen. Let’s get an inside into it…

Here are the things that determine how much CFM your range hood needs:

  1. The frequency of your cooking
  2. The style of cooking
  3. The BTUs in the cooktop
  4. Electric vs. Gas kitchen range
  5. The type of duct
  6. The width of the hood


The basic rule that I mentioned concerning the BTU rule is the most important one.  The basic rule says it requires a 100 CFM range hood for every 10,000 BTUs.  For example, assume that the cooking surface of your kitchen produces a total of 40000 BTU. Now calculate according to the rule:

40000 BTU ÷100 = 400 CFM

So we find that a 400 CFM range hood is enough for your kitchen in most of cases considering the cooking style you follow or the frequency and hours of your cooking.  

The cooking style and frequency

Then what about the cooking style/cooking culture or frequency? Yes, they are also important. If you are a fan of Asian cuisine, you will need higher CFM, as discussed earlier. In the same way, frequent cooking also requires higher CFM. Moreover, if you cook for long hours daily in the Asian cooking style, high CFM is your only reliable option.

To clarify, assuming your cooktop has 4 burners. They produce 50000 BTUs in total and you do Asian cooking, then you will need a hood of 500 CFM at least, but if you do Asian cooking for several hours daily and regularly, a 500 CFM is not enough; you will need a range hood of 700+ CFM at least to match the severity of Asian cooking.

Size of the kitchen

Another most important factor is the dimensions of your kitchen. Alike the BTU rule for CFM, there is a rule concerning the size of the kitchen and CFM. And The basic rule says a range hood must exchange the air of the kitchen 15 times hourly.

For instance, let’s assume the dimension of your kitchen is 2500 cubic feet. According to the rule, you have to buy a range hood that is able to exchange the air of the kitchen 15 times per hour.

So calculate it now: 2500 cubic feet (x) exchange rate 15 = 37, 500 cubic feet per hour

As it is calculated in an hour, divide the total amount by 60 minutes.

37500 cubic feet ÷ 60 minutes = 625 CFM

Therefore, you will need a 625 CFM range hood for your kitchen for the optimum outcome.

The type of hood

Now the last calculation is based on the volume and width of the kitchen. Here the basic rule says that when your hood is attached to a wall, you will need 100 CFM per linear foot. For example, assume that your range is 36-inch wide and calculate:

36 ÷ 12 inch = 3 feet

Then, 3 feet x 100 = 300 cubic feet per minute

Therefore, you will need a 300 CFM range hood for your 36-inch wide range.

Now assume that your kitchen hood is over an island and the range is the same, 34-inch wide.  This time you will need 150 CFM per linear foot.  SO calculate the same way:

36 ÷ 12 inch = 3 feet

Then, 3 feet x 150 = 450 cubic feet per minute

Therefore, you will need a 450 CFM range hood for your 36-inch wide range.

Therefore, we see how the range hood type plays a key role in determining how much CFM you need.


Having a range hood doesn’t always ensure a safe, healthy, smoke, and odors-free environment and living condition. 

CFM matters the most. Even High CFM ensures the sturdiness and durability of a range hood, as it is built heavy to stand against the high smoke, odors, and severity of heavy-duty cooking.

To ensure the perfect range hood for your kitchen, before you opt for buying one, just consider the things I mentioned in this article.


Tina Jordan here. Cooking delicious dishes for my family has always been a passion for me. Kitchen and cooking go hand in hand. I have spent a lot of time in my kitchen (still do), so I have a very clear understanding of kitchen gadgets.

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