6 Ways to Use a Nakiri Knife Like a Pro? (Secret Tips)

We prepare different kinds of dishes in our daily life. As a result, we have to process various items. Generally, our food preferences are divided into two main sections: Veg and non-veg.

In terms of preparing vegetarian dishes, we just cannot cook or eat a whole bunch of vegetables without being processed or customized.

Therefore, we feel the need of cutting, mincing, slicing, and chopping different kinds of vegetables or even fruits for our daily diet. So, what kind of kitchen tool you need for these purposes?

A well categorized sharp knife, isn’t it? There are so many different brands of cutting knives in the market. The best Nakiri knife is capable of providing you the authentic service regarding the scissile of different vegetables.

Nakiri knife is a high-quality Japanese kitchen component that has gained immense popularity worldwide. A Nakiri knife is formed with high-quality materialistic value.

It is coated with a comfortable grip. It has a capacious straight blade which is really sharp. The structure is sleazier with a combination of a modified edge.

The whole shape is perfectly formed for facilitating flawless cut, marvelous slice and recipe oriented size of vegetables.

Besides, this knife can easily slice different soft fruits as an added advantage. That is why; this knife has been randomly used by renowned chefs as well as the general cook.

Nakiri Knife

Is a nakiri knife worth your choice? 

Japanese are always famous for dealing with sharp weapons, knives and swords. Hence, nakiri knife being a Japanese tool possesses that traditional trustworthiness.

Vegetables are compulsory part of a healthy diet. To get the best taste out of different vegetables, we may need to cut them into various shapes. A nakiri knife can give you that hassle free cutting management. This supreme quality and branded identity make it worth.

The right ways to use a nakiri knife:

Selecting the proper working place

Before using a nakiri knife, make sure you select a flat and stable cutting position. If you try to cut on an unstable place, this may destroy the desired slices of vegetables.

So, a smooth table top should be chosen for this purpose. You can even use a chopping table or board which will provide you the perfect cutting scope without harming any structural element. 

Protecting the fingers

Though you are dealing with a knife mainly featured for chopping vegetables, that doesn’t mean you are using a less sharp tool. The blade of a nakiri knife is edgy enough to make a mess of your fingers.

So, be careful while you use this. You can even wear protective hand gloves for safe working. If you intend to work without wearing anything, just be focused on your chopping approach. 

Managing the grip

To work with your nakiri knife in a perfect way, you have to ensure your supreme control on the handle and grip. A solid hand around the grip will help you to cut with ease without causing any damage to the blade and the quality of the cutting will retain. 

Proper chopping style

The blade of a nakiri knife is sharp enough to chop different vegetables without any apparent impediment. So, you don’t require giving extreme pressure for the cut.

Rather, the extra effort may damage the tool. The edgy blade will simply go through the items. You can work better by starting the cut from the top part and ending at the bottom.

Cleaning and maintenance

Being a busy cutting partner of your kitchen, a nakiri knife will always require a proper cleaning after every use. In most cases, a simple mobbing with a towel will be enough. If you feel the need for intensive cleaning, you can use the wet cleaning method but don’t forget to carry on a dry wiping after using any liquid cleaner.

Lack of proper cleaning and storage may generate unexpected signs of rust. In such situation, lemon juice and vinegar can be implemented for restoring the nakiri knife. Beside cleanliness, the authentic storage is a really important fact. The knife should be placed in a dry place.

A high-quality storage box can be very handy for this purpose. Try to keep it away from children and ensure that the blade may not get external pressure while being maintained. 


After multiple uses, it is very normal to find the blade of the nakiri knife showing the sign of getting a bit edgeless. An extremely sharp knife can provide smoothest cut but a blunt blade can be troublesome.

So, it is always better to sharpen your nakiri knife on a regular basis. This process is much easier in terms of this particular knife. You can simply use a whetstone to whet the knife all by yourself.

Final Thoughts

Nakiri knife is made with all those structural and functional qualities which will give you a useful hand on handling vegetables. You can bring the best out of it by operating it with proper steps and a minimum cautious approach.

Nakiri knife is mainly featured for vegetables and some of the soft fruits. The sharp blade may be capable of managing some other items but unauthorized cutting can cause harm to the blade even make it blunt.

Therefore, use and management should be organized and adjustable. 

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