How to Use a Stovetop Smoker? (Precise & Effective Tips)

If you want to smoke food in unfavorable weather conditions, a stovetop smoker might be the best way to do it. You might have already bought a stovetop smoker, but you’re not sure if it will work well. Smoking meat, fish, and other foods by different smokers can be tricky, but it’s a whole different story with a stovetop smoker.

You don’t need any extra fuel or electricity to smoke food in a stovetop smoker. This is a great option for people who love to smoke food outdoors, but for small quantities. It’s also a good choice for people who don’t feel well-smoking food outdoors. But you need to learn how to use a stovetop smoker properly before you start using it.

In this guide, we will show you how to use a stovetop smoker in easy steps. We will also give you some tips that will make using the smoker easier.

What is a Stovetop smoker?

Imagine sitting around a warm fire while smoking meat, fish or even vegetables. This is what stovetop smokers have to offer! You can easily prepare your favorite dish indoors no matter how cold it may be outside – perfect for those winter months when you don’t want anything but wood smoke coming into the house from outside (and maybe an occasional slip-and-fall).

There are a lot of people who are still confused about how a stovetop smoker works. But it’s actually pretty simple. All you need is a small amount of charcoal or gas, and even fewer pellets if you’re using a stovetop smoker.

A stovetop smoker is just a metal box with four key parts: the lid that covers the food and keeps the smoke in, the dripping pan under the lid, the rack where you place the food, and finally, the bottom part that holds all of the heat. As we mentioned earlier, you don’t need many items to smoke in a stovetop smoker.

Requirements for smoking in a stovetop smoker

To smoke food in a stovetop smoker, just add some wood chips. There are many different types of woods available and they will affect the flavor depending on your preference for hot or sweet burn marks! For something more traditional try hickory; it’s great with burgers but don’t forget about its ability to crisp chicken skin too when used correctly (careful).

Apple has been said by some experts to one complex enough that even racks off pork ribs won’t be able t e resist them- plus you’ll get that tasty apple infused liquor sauces made from apples


Hickory is one of the most popular woods for smoking food because it has a sweet, smoky flavor that’s great when you want to add some strong spice or aromas into your dish. If this sounds good then head on down south–to hickories!


The lightest of all wood chips, applewood offers a refreshing and fruity smoke flavor that will make your poultry or game bird taste better than ever before!


If you’re looking for an option that can add both smokiness and fruity flavors, then cherry wood chips may be your best bet. This type of chip has a tart kick with sweet undertones which makes it perfect as a flavor accent in many different dishes such as duck or venison steak.


The smell of Mesquite is distinctive and sweet, perfect for Texas-style smoking. This type of wood chip can be used in stovetop smokers with ease since it doesn’t overpower the meat like other more intense flavors might do so use caution when adding this to your cooking process!


The Oakwood chip is lighter than the other types of smoking woods. This makes it perfect for those who want their smokers to be more portable or need a longer burn time since 1/2 tablespoon will last about 3 hours when used in an average size backyard smoker.
The fruit-based chips such as Apple, Peach, etc., also work really well with this type but should only account for around 2 tablespoons total if using them solely on their own without any added spices like Maple syrup, etc.

what to cook in a stove top smoker

How to use a stovetop smoker

Here are the straightforward tips to use a stovetop smoker like a pro!

1. Place the smoker on the stovetop and turn the heat to medium-high.

2. Add the wood chips to the smoker.

3. Place the food to be smoked in the smoker.

4. Close the smoker and smoke the food for the desired amount of time.

5. Remove the food from the smoker and enjoy!

What to cook in a stovetop smoker?

You may ask, what food can be cooked in this type of smoker? With a stovetop smoker, you’re able to cook all sorts of different foods. Fish like salmon and whole chicken are just two that come immediately to mind; Turkey is also possible if preferred! You’ll even find Texas-style brisket or Lavender popcorn on the list too so there’s something for everyone whether they prefer sweet flavors or saltiness with their smoked meats.

The right type of wood chips will make all the difference in getting that smokey flavor you’re looking for. We’ve mentioned which ones are good at certain foods, but there’s also an easy way to tell before buying anything: just wrap up some hardwood sawdust or cedar shavings from your workshop into a ball and hold it under running water – if any color drains out after 3-5 seconds then congratulations because this stuff is pure as can be!

To get a strong woody flavor, try hickory or Mesquite chips. For those who want to smoke white meat like fish and chicken instead of beef you’ll need applewood-soaked tobacco leaves that will deliver some sweetness with fruity notes – these actually depend on personal preference so make sure read through “requirements for smoking in stovetop smokers” section before making any final decisions!


So, using a stovetop smoker is super easy indeed! you just need to follow the tips above we mention. don’t make the process complex.


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