How to Use a Stovetop Smoker? (Precise & Effective Tips)

In an unfavorable weather condition, a stovetop smoker could be the way to enjoy delicious smoke food. Isn’t it?

So, you may have already purchased a stovetop smoker that you think would deliver a pretty good job. Now, you are wondering, you have smoked meat, fish and many more on different types of smokers like offset smoker, pellet smoker, gas smoker and electric smoker but things are completely different now. 

In a stovetop smoker, you don’t need any extra fuel source or electricity for smoking. For those who love to smoke outdoor but for small quantities, they are not interested in smoking with their large smoker or even for those who don’t feel well on outdoor smoking this is a great addition to them.

You have got what you are looking for. Now you can smoke your food at indoor without any hassle. But you gotta learn how to use a stovetop smoker properly.

So in today’s guide, we will learn how to use a stovetop smoker in some easy steps. Along with that, we will go through some of the tactics that will make your job effortless.

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What is a Stovetop smoker

There are lots of folk out there who are still confused about the building structure of a stovetop smoker. The construction of a stovetop smoker is pretty simple. You don’t need a big amount of charcoal or a big gas tank or even a bunch of pellets to start the process.

Stovetop smoker is nothing but a metal box that has 4 key parts. It comes with a lid that covers the food which helps the smoke not to escape, a dripping pan under the lid, a rack where you place the food. As we have mentioned earlier you don’t need a lot of items for smoking in a stovetop smoker.

You can use it in an oven, electric stovetop or even on the open flame. This is a type of smoker that will let you smoke food throughout the whole year without any hassle.

Most importantly unexpected weather like heavy snow, ice, or something like that can’t be an obstacle to enjoy your favorite smoke foods. By using a stovetop smoker you can easily prepare smoke foods indoors.  

Requirements for smoking in a stovetop smoker

For smoking in a stovetop smoker, you just need some wood chips according to your smoke flavor choice. There are a bunch of different wood chips out there. In general, there are five commonly used types of wood chips available and they are hickory, apple, cherry, mesquite, and pecan. Let’s take a look a bit closer to them.


Hickory is in one of the wood chips that is widely used because of its sweet and smoky flavor. This type of wood chips is great for long time smoking. Hickory is pretty good if you want to add some strong flavor to your food.


Let’s deal with another commonly used wood chip which is one of the lightest wood chips. Apple wood chips are great for white meats like fish and chicken. It can add an extra bit of sweetness and fruity smoke flavor which is great for poultry or even game bird. 


Cherry wood chips could be a versatile option that can be used for all types of meat. This type of chip can add a little bit of tartness with a mellow and sweet flavor. Cherry can be a pretty good option for the duck, venison and poultry. For adding some unique smokey flavor you can use cherry while smoking vegetables.


Let’s look at another widely used wood chip which is Mesquite. The smell of this wood chip is a little bit stronger than hickory. With a distinctive sweet flavor, this type of wood is commonly used for Texas-style smoking. When using this type of wood chip in a stove smoker make sure you are aware that the flavor does not overwhelm the meat.


Oak is lighter than hickory and Mesquite but not as light as the fruit wood. This particular type of wood chip will let you deliver a long time smoking. You can mix it with other types of the wood chip like fruit wood or hickory as well for getting the desired flavor. Oak is best if you want to smoke beef or lamb in a stovetop smoker.

1 or a half tablespoon of wood chips is pretty enough for smoking in a stovetop smoker.

what to cook in a stove top smoker

How to use a stovetop smoker

In this segment of this blog, we will go over the functionality of a stovetop smoker. 

Let’s learn how to use a stovetop smoker

First off, remove the lid of the stovetop smoker, you will find a cooking rack. Under the rack you will get the dripping tray that catches all the drip from the food. Remove all of them one by one.

Then you can see the bottom of the smoker. Now you need to place the wood chips at the centre of the smoker base. The ideal amount is 1-2 tablespoon depending on your flavor taste. 

Place the drip tray evenly on the top of that. If you are intended to smoke food that might be too small to place on the rack, cover it with aluminium foil and then place it on the top.

Finally, let the smoker do its job at a low-medium temperature. Close the lid completely and within 30-40 minutes you can get the super delicious smoked salmon, poultry or even vegetables. So, now clumsy rainy or snowy weather won’t stop you from smoking food.

What to cook in a stovetop smoker:

So, now you know how to cook delicious smoked food in a stovetop smoker. You may ask, what food can be cooked in this type of smoker? 

With a stovetop smoker, you can cook a bunch of different food in it. Fish like salmon, whole chicken, Turkey, Texas-style brisket, Lavender popcorn, Mango Salsa and many more.

Just remember to pick the right wood chips to get the desired smokey flavor. There are some particular wood chips out there that are good at a certain type of food. We have mentioned such things in the Requirements section. 

For instance, if you want to get a strong woody flavor you may go for hickory or Mesquite, on the other hand, you if you want to smoke white meat like fish or chicken you may go for applewood chips that will deliver some sweetness and fruity flavor. 

These actually depend on personal preferences so make sure you read the ‘requirements for smoking in a stovetop smoker’ section to get a clear concept.

Bottom Line

Hope you got the answer to what was looking for. We have tried to cover all the details instructions to start your smoking journey with a stovetop smoker. Make sure to read the complete guide for getting a clear idea. 

To get the perfectly smoked food you have to choose a good stovetop smoker that will deliver a great cooking time. Therefore, at first, it’s important to pick the right stovetop smoker.

If you have any query or confusion,leave a comment below. We will try our best to give a proper solution for you.

Happy indoor smoking !

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