How to use a hot plate? (Assemble, Maintain and Heat Management)

A hot plate is a widely used gadget in our daily life. It comes with different cooktop categories but the cooking heat is generated primarily with a high level of electric wattage. As this gadget deals with tremendous power, it is very important to know the process of using a hot plate rightly.

A hot plate is compact and portable. Most of these models are electric-based. Because of having multiple cooking options within a hassle-free modest size, a hot plate is randomly used for camping

Moreover, there are specifications in using cookware. Cast iron hot plate and some of the glass surface can easily accommodate cast iron skillet and other cookware materials but there are hot plates which have material limitations. Therefore, the using process also includes concern about cookware compatibility.

How to use a hot plate?

Selecting a suitable operating place for your hot plate:

Before starting using this gadget you must take some facts in your concern:-

  • First, make sure your tabletop is spacious enough for holding your hot plate. 
  • As you have to manage high volt, avoid suffocating bounded cooking place. Select a reasonably open arena. 
  • You will need to connect your hot plate with electric port. So the gap between the connection source and the gadget should be according to the length of the connecting cord.
How to use a hot plate

Maintaining safety management steps:

Wrong cookware, unconscious operating and unplanned cooking may take your cooking experience towards a hazardous situation for both yourself and the gadget. Therefore, following the safety rules is a must. 

  • It is true that there are many hot plates which can deal with all sorts of cookware materials. Yet, you should try not to use metallic cookware on your hot plate because it can harm the cooktop in the long run. A problematic hot plate carries the risk of potential hazard.
  • Soggy surface will not only damage the body coating of your tool but also create the risk of electrical outbreak. For better cooking experience, you must try to keep the cooktop and outskirts sapless.                                                                                                                                     
  • There are many high quality heat reverberating utensils in the market. Those utensils can provide perfect cooking alongside ensuring the further level safety.
  • Always try to wear different protective accessories whenever you cook on a hot plate. It is better to use rubber smeared heat reverberated gloves. Using such component will keep you away from the danger of any relative physical harm. Therefore, you will be able to manage the hot surface and cookware easily.
  • Combustible chemicals or things can be very risky to be kept near the hot plate. So you must be careful about keeping your tool away from different materials like gasoline, kerosene and others.
  • All the brands of hot plate come with manufacturer’s instructions. These instructions are set matching the capabilities and functional features of the gadget. You can find such instructions in the user manual. You must stick to those instructions for getting better performance from your hot plate. 
  • After cooking on your hot plate, make sure you unplug the cord and off the switch. Yet, the unplugged gadget will remain too hot to be touched immediately. Keep patience and give your gadget enough time to cool down. Otherwise you may cause damage to both yourself and that tool. 
  • You need to pay extra attention to your personal safety while you cook on a hot plate. Manage your hair with a protective shape and wear modestly tight, less flammable dress.

Heat management:

Though a hot plate works with powerful electrical heat, you cannot use the same power for different recipes. There are some foods that will require maximum temperature for a fixed period but later on, the temperature should be controlled on different low-high levels. Most of the best hot plates come with multiple temperature control options. Therefore, learn how you will approach with temperature settings for different cooking.

Follow some primary cooking steps:

  • First of all, make sure your gadget will not face any electrical fluctuation. A flawless power distribution is compulsory for simultaneous cooking. Check out whether your electric cord has leaks or not.
  • Cooking with oil is very normal in our daily life. But the implication system of oil should be right. The best way to cook with oil is to put the pre oiled kitchen utensil on the cooktop.
  • After the plug-in, let your hot plate to heat up with moderate temperature before starting to cook.
  • You should be concerned about not to keep a vessel without cooking elements on your hot plate whenever you face delayed cooking. This may cause unexpected cookware disaster. 
  • Don’t be hasty while you place the ingredients on the hot pan. Otherwise the oil may sprinkle outside the cookware and grime the surface badly.
  • If your cooking is done, don’t forget to disconnect the power flow. Inactive cooktop with active electric connection will waste lots of power and may harm your gadget.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your hot plate:

The best use of your hot plate is not possible without maintaining daily cleanliness. We cook different types of foods like meat, vegetables along with various hard and liquid items. Therefore, the possibility of getting heat fragmented foods on the plate is quite obvious. Those shred of cooked elements may harm the structural value of your hot plate. So, you have to get rid of those unwanted things. 

  • Whether your plate is made of coil, cast iron or glass top; simply efface the cooktop with a clean soft cloth after each use. You can also use kitchen sponge. You should clean the body part around the main plate in the same way. The stainless steel side parts can be washed without any complexity like that of required for main cooktop.
  • Sometimes, the dirt gets too much to be cleaned in the regular way. At that time, you need to approach with intensive cleaning. In order to strike out harsh signs or shreds, you can implicate saponaceous fervent water. 
  • Moreover, there are different safe and authentic cleaning chemicals which can provide effective impact on such cleaning. For dealing with rusted hot plate, inflict vinegar, glass cleaner or other powerful cleaning chemicals.
  • Last but not the least; wrong cleaning approach will destroy your tool. So, follow the user manual cleaning instructions’ about the product. 

Seasoning a hot plate (Applicable on cast iron plate or coiled plate)

Seasoning can be very beneficial for maintaining the structural quality of your hot plate. It can also increase the durability of the gadget and at the same time increase its performance. For this process, you can go on with the following steps:-

  • First go through a primary wash using warm water mixed with mild soap. When the wetness will be gone, splotch the surface with oil. For this process can use canola, sunflower, olive or different types of vegetables oil.
  • Keep the hot plate on average heat for approximately fifteen minutes with that splurged oil. Finally, swab away your plate and use some fresh oil in order to give the finishing touch on the seasoning process. You can also look for different authentic seasoning process.

Final Thoughts

Beyond all those facts, the proper use of a hot plate relies on your consciousness about the structure, functioning, heat processing and capabilities of the hot plate. You need to use such a gadget with the maintenance of safety, placement and user manuals. Here, the research has been preceded with the intention of helping you to bring the best out of your hot plate.

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