6 Ways to Season a Stainless Steel Griddle

For cooking different dishes, people require a perfect combination between cooking burners and cookware. Some of the specialized foods need specific cooking tools. As a result, sometimes it gets a bit tougher to match up with the kitchen components.

That is why many people look for a cooktop which can directly deal with the cooking of various items without any need for extra cookware. In such a case, an electric griddle will be the best choice to be made.

In this type of griddle; you will have the benefits of cooking on a smooth surface and at the same time, the use of stainless steel material can give you cooking comfort.

In a griddle, you will have a specious scope to manage a good amount of meal preparations at once. The even heat distribution is perfect for making versatile recipes for different times of the day.

It can provide you the cooktop for the finest pancakes, tastiest French toast, crispy & juicy hash browns, burgers, sandwiches and many more items. 

The stainless steel coating on the griddle makes it incredibly durable. The flat fresh surface presents an attractive shine for a long time. The resistance power proves it good enough to be cleaned in a most simplistic way.

The non-sticky cooktop will not only keep the food intake but also give it a huge scope for the preservation of food qualities. That is why this gadget is getting immense popularity all around the world.

Is seasoning of a stainless steel griddle compulsory?

Unlike other cooktop materials, stainless steel griddle is quite capable of reserving its condition for a long period even without being seasoned. But the food particles and delayed cleaning possesses the uncertain possibility of rust.

Therefore, the seasoning will make you free of that potential risk. If you can season this gadget in an authentic method, the quality of the functioning is sure to get high.

The right way to season a stainless steel griddle:

  • Though this seasoning procedure does not include any sorts of chemical or poisonous elements, some protective measure can be taken while you deal with heat operating. You can wear protective optics, gloves and clothes to stay away from heat and dirt.
  • You cannot start your seasoning process without taking some preparations. Before you proceed you must ensure the cleanliness of the griddle. After various use and so many meal preparations, it is very obvious to find food relics, greasy layer, etc. Seasoning of an unclean gadget will give you no apparent benefit. You can use spatula, scraper, cleaning brush for removing those unexpected elements from the flat top surface. Swab the whole space with warm & saponaceous water for giving it a perfect status before the implementation of the seasoning formula. Don’t forget to cool down the gadget before you access to its body. 
  • Proper seasoning is impossible without choosing proper oil. People around the world prefer to use different kinds of oil for this process. Refined natural oil is best for such activities. Therefore, the use of olive oil can be effective. Vegetable oil is widely used for this purpose. Canola and coconut oil are also great to carry on the seasoning of the stainless steel griddle.
  • If you have chosen your preferred oil for seasoning, it is the turn of taking next step. Take a soft brush and polish the whole surface of the griddle with that oil. The proportion of the oil should be balanced with the dimensions of total cooking area so that the heat can make the griddle to absorb the oil perfectly. 
  • After spreading the oil, set the temperature to heat up the griddle with a free range. For regular seasoning, the heating power is better to be fixed in between 400 to 500 Degree Celsius (Approximately). Within 5 to 8 minutes, the oil will dilute with the stainless steel by creating a protective shell. 
  • Carefully observe the condition. If things look fine, switch off the burner and let the surface to cool down. Then use a sponge or towel to wipe away any sorts of seasoning relics you find. 

In case the manufacturer’s manual provides any kinds of specific rules and limitations about conducting a seasoning process, you should try to make adjustment with that.

Final Thoughts

Seasoning of your stainless steel griddle can be repeated after every week. This will make your gadget absolutely non-sticky and rust proof even after several uses.

Thus you will feel comfortable in managing the multiple tasks without facing conventional cooking and restoring complexity. In order to get the highest output from this tool, regular cleaning and seasoning will be a fruitful combination.

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