How To Mount A Magnetic Knife Strip On Tile?

Magnetic knife strips neatly store knives on walls and backsplashes while freeing up counter space. Their magnetic force keeps blades razor-sharp, too. Installing magnetic knife strips directly on the tile requires special steps like using a diamond-tipped drill bit and proper anchors. But it’s a worthwhile upgrade that makes your most-used knives easily accessible while lending modern style to your kitchen.

In this article, we will walk through the complete installation process in a simple, step-by-step manner. It covers purchasing the right magnetic strip and hardware for tile materials. With the proper materials and tools, mounting a magnetic knife rack on tile can be an easy DIY project that enhances both storage and style.

Ways to Mount A Magnetic Knife Strip On Tile

Here are the main ways to mount a magnetic knife strip on a tile:

1. Screws and anchors: Drill pilot holes in the tile and insert wall anchors. Screw the magnetic knife strip securely into the anchors. Plastic sleeves or molly bolts designed for tile provide the best grip.

2. Adhesive: Remove any protective film from the back of the magnetic strip to expose the adhesive. Ensure the tile surface is clean, and press the adhesive side of the strip firmly onto it. Adhesive alone may not hold heavier knives over time, though.

3. Adhesive anchors: Drill holes for plastic anchor sleeves or molly bolts. Clean both the tile surface and the back of the magnetic strip. Insert anchors first, then remove any adhesive film and press strip onto anchors. The combination provides very secure mounting. 

4. High bond Velcro: Apply matching Velcro tape liberally to both the clean tile and the back of the knife strip. Press together tightly. Velcro gives a little more flexibility if you need to reposition the strip spot.

Ways to Mount A Magnetic Knife Strip On Tile

5. Silicone adhesive caulk: Outline the back of the magnetic strip with a thick bead of 100% silicone caulk. Firmly press the strip to smooth the ceramic tile in the desired spot. Let cure fully for an incredibly strong bond.

Be sure to follow all preparation, drilling, cleaning, and curing directions that come with your chosen mounting method. Combining mechanical and adhesive fastening provides the most rugged installation.

How to mount a magnetic knife strip on a tile by drilling?

Here are the key steps for mounting a magnetic knife strip on a tile:

1. Select the location for the mounting strip, ensuring adequate wall space: Choose a spot for your magnetic knife strip that has enough open wall area to fit the length of the strip. Please make sure there are no obstructions like cabinets or windows where you plan to mount it. Consider traffic patterns in your kitchen when choosing a placement.

2. Use a tape measure and level to mark locations for drill holes: Measure the length of your magnetic strip. Use a tape measure and level to lightly mark the wall where you will drill the holes for the outermost ends and middle anchor points. Space the marks evenly to keep the strip stable. 

3. Clean the installation area thoroughly to allow anchors/screws to adhere: Use a multi-surface cleaner or rubbing alcohol with a microfiber cloth to thoroughly clean the mounting area. This helps the included adhesive or anchors grab securely onto the wall surface.  

4. Drill holes in tile using carbide or diamond-tipped drill bit: Use a power drill on a low setting with steady, even pressure. Carbide or diamond-tipped drill bits are specially designed to penetrate tough surfaces like ceramic tile without cracking them. 

5. Insert anchors or screws for the mounting strip. Tap gently with a hammer: Anchors create a stronghold in drywall or tile for screws. Hammer any included hardware gently into drilled holes if needed for a snug, flush fit.

6. Clean the back of the magnetic knife strip: Wipe down the back of the magnetic strip thoroughly with rubbing alcohol to remove oils or debris that can impede adhesion. 

7. Remove adhesive backing and press strip onto anchors/screws: Line up holes on the magnetic strip with installed anchors. Remove paper backing covering adhesive. Apply steady pressure while smoothing onto the entire adhesive area.

8. Ensure the strip is completely level and adjust as needed: Carefully check the level. Remove the mounting strip and adjust the anchor depth if it’s not perfectly straight. Re-install with added pressure.

9. Allow full curing time for strongest adhesion (typically 24 hours): Leave the strip untouched for the manufacturer’s recommended curing time to create a super strong bond to the anchors in the wall. 

10. Hand wash knives and wipe strips periodically: Use mild dish soap and water only to clean mounted knives and magnetic strip area. Harsh chemicals can damage the adhesive.  

11. Use a built-in stopper at the end of the strip to prevent knives from sliding off: Many magnetic strips have a small stopper bracket on one end. Position this to the open side to securely contain knives and prevent accidental sliding.

magnetic knife strip on a tile by drilling

How to install a magnetic knife strip without drilling?

Here are the steps for how to install a magnetic knife strip without drilling:

  1. Clean the Area: Thoroughly clean and dry the backsplash or wall area where you want to mount the magnetic knife strip. This allows maximum adhesion.
  2. Apply Adhesive: Purchase a heavy-duty double-sided tape with adhesive strong enough to hold securely on the tile. Remove the backing and apply it liberally to the back of the strip.
  3. Position the Strip: Carefully level and press the magnetic knife strip into place in your desired mounting location. Apply firm, consistent pressure across the entire strip surface.
  4. Use Additional Fasteners: For extra security, also use removable 3MCommand Strips with adhesive backs placed at each end of the strip and in the middle.
  5. Apply Caulk Bead (Optional): You can further reinforce by outlining the perimeter of the mounted strip with a bead of clear silicone caulk. Smooth over caulk with a dampened finger.
  6. Allow Proper Curing: Let adhesive fully cure for 24-48 hours before attaching any kitchen knives with magnetic force. Do not disturb the strip during this time.

Using quality double-sided tape paired with removable fastening strips allows solid mounting without drilling into tile or stone surfaces. Be sure to follow curing times for permanent adhesion. Replace mounting tapes as needed over time.


What tools do I need to mount a magnetic knife strip on the tile?

You need a power drill, carbide drill bit, tape measure, level, screws/anchors, pencil, and hammer. 

How do I drill into the tile without cracking it? 

Use a diamond-tipped or carbide drill bit at slow speeds while applying even pressure. Cool the bit by dipping it in water periodically.

Should I mount the magnetic knife strip horizontally or vertically?

Mounting horizontally provides the most secure hold. But vertical mounting works on backsplashes to save space.

What anchors work best for mounting things on tile?

Tile is a delicate surface. Use screw anchors designed for tile, like plastic wall anchors, molly bolts, or toggle bolts for the strongest hold. 

What household items can I use if I don’t have anchors?

You can try using strong epoxy, liquid nails, or high-bond velcro strips if anchors are unavailable for your tile. 

How much weight can magnetic knife strips hold?

Quality magnetic strips hold 8-10 pounds safely. Only mount lightweight kitchen knives and tools meant for magnetic storage.

Will magnets damage my knives?  

Mounting knives magnetically does not damage blades over time like some believe. Just hand wash and dry properly before storing.

How close should the magnetic knife strip be mounted to the counter?

Allow 6-12 inches between the counter edge and strip for ease of use. Mounting too low hampers utilizing full knife blade safely.

Magnetic Knife Strip

Final Thoughts

If you choose an aesthetically pleasing strip made of quality materials, your stylish new knife storage system will become a permanent upgrade that makes meal prep safer and easier. The minimalist style also keeps counters clutter-free. Just imagine never hunting for a specific blade again, thanks to all your go-to knives arranged neatly along your kitchen wall! For such a small project, a mounted magnetic strip yields a huge functional and visual impact.

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