How to Clean the Inside of a Range Hood? (Expert Advice)

Like the other kitchen tools, the range hoods also require proper maintenance and recurring cleaning to functions properly with efficient airflow. Nevertheless, most people just clean and maintain the outside of their range hoods, and they don’t know how to clean the inside of a range hood.

However, the inside also requires proper maintenance and cleaning, more or less frequently, based on what type of food you cook.

For instance, the range hoods for Indian cooking or the range hoods for Chinese cooking require more frequent cleaning than that of other cuisines, since Asian cooking culture involves more severity with many tasks.

Let’s know how to clean the inside of a range hood.

How to clean the inside of a range hood?

Cleaning the outside may add to aesthetics, but cleaning the inside is a must for optimum performance and maintaining a smoke, odors, and pollutants-free home.

I will discuss how to clean the inside of a range hood precisely yet comprehensively to guide you towards a safe and accurate cleaning. 

Here is how you can clean the inside of your range hood within 5 minutes. Things you will need:

  1. A paper towel or slightly wet/damp clothes
  2. A solution that you use to clean your other tools, e.g., acetone, scrub that is soft, or any glass cleaner

Steps To Follow

Dispatch the filters

Just start removing the filters. When you remove the filters, you will see the other parts used in your range hood, e.g., a heap of wiring and blowers. 

Sometimes, you may need to negotiate with the blowers carefully, and technically as some models have blowers that may not let you reach the inside fully; just navigate carefully.

Note: You may clean the blowers individually after removing it.

Use damp cloth:

You cannot just spray or apply water or anything inside your range hood. You have to be very careful with this step. Just put some water on a soft and clean cloth to make it damp. Then you can use the damp cloth to clean the inside of your range hood.

Cleaning solution:

This step is optional. You have your options, you can just use any cleaning solution like acetone, scrub that is soft, or any glass cleaner if you want. It will ensure better cleaning when your range hood has tougher and severe stains on it. . For example:

  1. To deal with tougher grease, you can use acetone. Acetone is my favorite cleaning solution when need to for a bit
  2. To deal with mild dirt and its buildup, use glass cleaner. For basic cleaning, you will not need anything more than the glass cleaner.
  3. The toughest stains are prone to soft scrub. If you feel the stains are heavy, you will need to go for a heavy-duty cleaning.  Then soft curb is you number one option.

Note: I do not recommend using soft scrub unless the grease level is excessively high. Because it is seen that using the soft curb may damage the stainless steel finish and disrupt the original appearances of the range hood.

Applying the cleaning solution:

The same rule goes for it; don’t spray any of the solution directly inside. Take a cloth and damp it spraying the solutions. I recommend wetting the cloth or towels slightly, because applying too much cleaning solution may result in some else like damaging the uncovered wiring badly.

When you think the cloth is slightly wet, you are all set to wipe the inside of your range hood.

Wipe thoroughly:

It is not about just placing the cloth or towel inside in wiping abruptly. The effective way is to wipe with the grain slowly. You must feel a bit resistant when you do not clean towards the direction of the grain.

In case of cleaning solutions, just wipe the inside with the towel/cloth containing the solution first, and then use a separate and dry towel to wipe the inside again.  While cleaning, go towards the direction of the grain, be it vertically or horizontally.

Put the filters back:

When you are done with the whole cleaning process, it is time to put the filters back insider the range hood. You have to put the back end first; just slide it carefully.

Note:  Before you put the hood back, watch out carefully whether the inside is dry or not yet.  The inside must be fully dry before you put the filters back.  

Pro tips 01: It is significant not to apply any kind of solution inside of a range hood directly that you use for regular cleaning.  Don’t apply the spray on the bare wiring, the whole circuit board, and stainless steel, which will later result in technical difficulties. Apply the solution on cloth or a paper towel, use it to wipe the inside of your range hood.

Pro tips 02: Do not apply soft curb with any grit when it comes to the toughest or hard stains. Besides, arrange a scotch Brite pad that is soft and white. Apply the soft curb on the pad, then use it to wipe the hood. It will give smooth cleaning and safeguard the actual finish of stainless steel.

Pro tips 03: In case you do not find out the grin direction, just wipe both vertically and horizontally with a dry cloth first. This process may give a lead concerning the actual direction of the grim.

Why do you need to clean the inside of a range hood?

We use range hoods in the kitchen to keep our living conditions fully safe and environment friendly. However, as you maintain other kitchen tools to ensure their longevity and optimum result, you should also know how to clean the inside of a range hood and maintain your range hood.

If you lack the proper cleaning and maintenance, it will stop functioning today or tomorrow as the filter gets oiled and becomes unusable gradually because of grease accumulation.


Cleaning the inside of a range hood is as important as having a range hood with appropriate CFM. No matter what the cooking frequency or what type of food you like to cook, literally, there is no alternative to cleaning the inside of a range hood if you want the optimal result with increased longevity of your range hood.  Particularly, for Asian cooking, be more careful about cleaning your range hood.

Just follow my guideline and maintain your range hood.

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