4 Easy Steps to Clean Rust Off Stainless Steel Grill

Grilled foods are becoming quite popular nowadays. People love to grill different items for enjoying a family get-together, outing with friends, celebrating occasions, and even for the purpose of daily meals.

With the change of tradition and preferences, the need for a grilling tool has increased a lot.

Taking this fact in mind, many famous brands have manufactured the grills of high qualities and multiple features. Amongst the categories, stainless steel grill has earned incredible popularity by chefs and general people all around the world.

The stainless steel grill is featured with all those benefits which you may not find in many other metallic gadgets. The whole grilling structure is formed with a strong coating that is meant to be shiny, heavy-duty, and resistant.

That is why, foodie people love to use it for grilling delicious, juicy, and spicy meat recipes, unique vegetarian grills, and many other tasty items.

Does a stainless steel grill get rust?

This is very common that such intensive use of this gadget will generate dirt. But what about rust? Stainless steel is supposed to be rustproof. Yet, there is a possibility of getting rusty if the stainless steel grill bears food particles and grease for an extensive time.

Besides, the damage of the grates caused by any hard accessories can become the cause of rust too.

This rust can harm the durable status of the grill. As regular cleaning may not be possible all the time, proper steps of cleaning the rust off the stainless steel grill should be known.

How to Clean Rust Off Stainless Steel Grill?

The process should be started when you ensure the complete coolness of the grill. Then use a towel and brush to remove the food particles and grease before you approach the rusty spots. Wear the necessary safety accessories and gather the cleaning materials you need.

Implication of Baking Soda

As a safe and effective cleaner, baking soda has been widely used. The structural value with the feature of basic salt in this soda works to get rid of tough stains and rust on the stainless steel grill.

Mix 25 percentage of warm water with the same amount of baking soda. Now take a soft brush and dip it into that mixture. Then rub the brush on the spots where you find the signs of rust. Within some moments, the rust should come off. Finally, wash the grill with clean water and use a dry cloth to give the finishing touch.

Implication of vinegar

Vinegar is a great natural cleaner. There is acetic acid within it which is really powerful to deal with the hard cleaning task of rusts. Therefore, many people prefer this method. You can apply vinegar directly for this purpose. There is no apparent need of mixing it with water. 

You just need to take a proportionate amount of vinegar and use a simple brush. Polish the rusty spots with vinegar and continue to rub till the signs are gone. White vinegar works best in this regard. After washing with simple water, use a towel and mob the surface properly.

The implication of lemon juice

If you want a natural source for cleaning the rust off your stainless steel grill, lemon juice can be ideal. This juice contains citric acid which has the power to soften the rusty surface and make it easily removable. 

Squeeze the juice from few lemons and cover the rusty places with that. Through a brush dipped in the lemon extract, you can efface the rust comfortably. When you are done with your main task, wipe away the grill with a clean cloth. 

Implication of rust cleaning chemicals

In the market, there are different chemicals which are used for this kind of cleaning purpose.  Hydrochloric, phosphoric and muriatic acids are very powerful rust dissolver.

But there can be issues relating to adjustment and side effects.  So, the chemical-based cleaning approach should be authentic, researched, and well planned. 

Sometimes rust cleaning can be a bit complex when you deal with a grill. Different brands may fix their own specific methods to do this task which is expected to be included in the user manuals. That personalized way of cleaning is better to be applied. 

Final Thoughts

Regular after-use cleaning and proper storage are the best ways to keep your stainless steel grill free from any sorts of rusty sign. On the other hand, you can even season this grill on a regular basis which will increase its rust resistance power.

For a hassle free service from this grilling component, the management, maintenance and cleanliness should be combined in a right order.

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