How to clean hot plate? [Step by Step Guide]

A hot plate is a very important cooking component which we use for different meal preparations. In every cook, this gadget deals with different food elements, heat and after cook signs. So, proper and daily cleaning is an undeniable requirement for a hot plate. There are different types of hot plates which can be cleaned in different ways. As all of those cooktops cannot be cleaned in the same way, you need to follow some guidelines. Let’s help you on this:-

People use different types of hot plates for camping. There are hot plates of coil made, cast iron, glass and ceramic cooktop. Being in frequent uses, all those cooktops need specific cleaning and maintenance. If you want to enjoy your camping cooking continuously, there is no alternative to the cleanliness of the gadget. 

How to clean hot plate?

Cleaning the coil burner of a hot plate 

  • There are many hot plates which have coil burner on the cooktop. While cooking, this coil can get food elements, spared oil which must be cleaned for avoiding unpleasant smoke, smell and any other problems. By using materials like cleaning clothes, mild dish soap, water and baking soda, you can carry on the cleaning steps.
  • If you are planning to clean the coil of your hot plate cooktop just after the use, you must give it enough time to cool down after unplugging it. This may take 10 to 15 minutes.
  • After the cooling down, you need to remove the coil burner from the cooktop completely. Most of the hot plates are fitted with simple unplugging system but you can also follow the manufacturer’s rules of removing the coil.
  • Take a cleaning cloth with the mixture of mild dish soap and water. Softly try to sweep away the food residue if you find any. Don’t forget that you cannot submerge the coils or any electrical portion in water. 
  • If mild dish soap fails to remove the stuck on food, you can apply another way. The application of baking soda with water for 20 minutes on the coil will help you for easy removal of the food residue. 
  • If your hot plate has drip pan under the coil, that must be cleaned carefully as well. Remove the drip pan and simply wipe it out with the mixture of dishwasher. Besides, you can simply wash the stainless steel body coating in the same wiping way.
  • Let all the washed elements to dry out and then install them carefully according to the manufacturer’s rules.
  • Above all, if you don’t wish to feel the hassle of hard cleaning, try to keep your gadget clean after every use at a daily routine basis.

Cleaning the cast iron burner of a hot plate:

Many of us are habitual of using the cast iron skillet for cooking different foods. This type of cookware is quite durable and effective. Such cookware can work properly with an adjustable cooker. A cast-iron hot plate can be the best cooktop for a cast-iron skillet. But this hot plate will become a headache if you don’t maintain cleanliness. Unclean long term food surplus can easily destroy quality. Therefore, you can follow these steps:-

  • First, arrange some important materials which you will need. Such as:  Rubber gloves, bucket with lukewarm water, cleaning sponge, scraper, kitchen cleaning fluid and dry cloth.
  • If you want to clean your cast iron plate just after the use, let it cool down. Then put on rubber gloves or any other protective things so that you may not get any skin problem.
  • Take your scraper and gently try to remove any large burn or left over on the cast iron plate. 
  • There are different kitchen cleaning fluids on the market. Choose a fluid of high quality and put a small amount on the plate.
  • Then take out your cleaning sponge and gently rub the plate for removing any types of grim and stains. 
  • Use clean warm water as it works best for this kind of purposes.
  • Wiping out the body and plate; let them to dry up properly. Maintain the regular routine cleaning for best restoration. 
How to clean hot plate_

Cleaning a glass top hot plate:

Many of the hot plates have cooktops made of glass. Cleaning this glass surface is comparatively easy but little unconsciousness can create hazards. For sustainable performance and glossy look, this glass surface must be cleaned properly and regularly.  

  • Never try to clean a hot glass top. Give it enough time to cool down so that you can take your cleaning activities safely. 
  • You can use distilled vinegar or simple warm water for cleaning the surface. Be sure of using mild cleaners as the surface is simple but sensitive.
  • There can be specific manufacturer’s instructions about cleaning the surface so you can look for those rules.
  • Try to use very gentle cleaning tools such as soft cloth, sponge or brush.
  • Maintain cleanliness regularly and don’t forget to let the surface dry perfectly. 

Cleaning process of ceramic cooktop of a hot plate:

There are many hot plates in the market which deal with ceramic cooktop for cooking. This kind of cooktop is getting popular day by day. Ceramic cooktop is relatively easier to be cleaned. Yet the surplus food or any other leftover product can create damage on the polished surface. The exact cleaning process can be maintained thus:

  • For simple regular cleaning you might need some materials like baking soda, soapy warm water, white vinegar and damp cloth.
  • First, ensure that your gadget has cooled down completely.
  • Then sprinkle baking soda on the cooktop and make sure they cover the whole surface properly. 
  • You can also make a mixed combination of white vinegar on the baking soda and used a spray bottle for proper distribution. This method is mainly featured for removing toughest stains.
  • Use a dish cloth on warm soapy water for rubbing the whole surface softly. You should wait for a while after that.
  • Finally, use a damp towel or cloth to wipe out the whole surface properly. Make sure they get dry before further use.

How to clean a rusty or burnt hotplate:

Dealing with a rusty or burnt hot plate is not an easy task at all. Maintaining cleanliness on such tough condition needs a special formula. For getting the highest possible solution, you can follow the following way.

  • Use a damp cloth for pre cleaning the surface again and again with a circular motion. 
  • Then use two tablespoons of baking soda with a cup of vinegar and mix them well.
  • After making the mixture you can use a toothbrush or suitable tool for using that mixture into the affected areas and gently rub until the rust or burnt sign fades away. 
  • Besides, you can also buy and use rust cleaning specialized fluid from the market.

Final Thoughts

The best way to ensure a long-lasting perfect service from your hot plate is maintaining proper cleanliness after every use. Don’t leave your hot plate with food residues and you will need not to worry about facing any tough cleaning emergency.

For keeping your gadget in a long term glossy shape, you just require a simple wipe out by a regular cleaning cloth. Alongside the plates, you should wash the body parts and additional accessories. 

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