How to Clean a Toaster Oven With Baking Soda? (Simple Hacks)

A convection toaster oven is no more a tool to make toast only. Even though the capacity is not big, it can cook almost everything you need like a regular oven, from chicken, cookies, pizza, or anything in a small amount.

You can even use your small size RV toaster ovens for multi-purpose since they also come with advanced features and do the usual cooking. However, when you use your oven for multi-purpose, it is important to maintain and clean it regularly to prevent food buildup issue.

And one of the most effective and easiest ways of cleaning a toaster oven is by using baking soda. Moreover, this method is best for cleaning the toaster oven for the senior.

Now a question pops up in your mind; how to clean a toaster oven with baking soda? Do not wonder anymore; I am here to answer all your questions concerning the cleaning process.

How to clean a toaster oven with baking soda?

For a better understanding, I have divided the cleaning process into two segments based on the cleaning frequency. It will ensure optimal result easily:

  • Basic cleaning: regularly or frequently cleaned toaster ovens with minimal oil or grease
  • Heavy-duty cleaning: Rarely cleaned ovens with heavy oil or grease

Basic cleaning with baking soda

Sometimes we offer proper maintenance to our toasted oven. Since you clean your toaster oven regularly, it remains almost free from oil; at maximum, you may notice slight oil. Therefore, you can clean them easily. You will need:

  • 2/3 cup baking soda (Based on the size of your oven)
  • 1/3 cup warm water (Based on the size of your oven)

When you have the elements ready, you are all set to go for the cleaning process. Just do as follows:

  • Make a paste: At first, you have to make a paste mixing the two elements. It is better to make the paste-like pancake batter.
  • Remove the pans and racks: Then remove the racks from your toaster oven and soak them for better cleaning. It is not necessary to use baking soda on the racks, instead, you can just soak them into dishwashing liquid. After you soak them for a few hours, rinse properly, and set them up to dry.
  •  Apply the paste: Use foil to seal any kind of opening in your oven. Then it’s time to apply the paste thoroughly on the inner parts of your oven. You can use gloves or any kind of spatula for safety and for applying the paste using a paintbrush. You may need an Oldish toothbrush to get into the firm and small corners. Never use the paste on the uncovered metals and heating metals. Avoid applying it to the door of the oven.
  • Leave the paste for a period: It is enough to keep the paste on the oven parts for 20-25 minutes since this is a basic cleaning process.
  • Clean away the paste: Now you just need to wash the grease and other dirt as they are already loosened. You can use wetting or scraper, made of plastic. Then you can wipe it using a wet cloth or paper towels; it will help you remove the streaks. Clean the inner parts and crumb tray very carefully.
  • Precaution: Don’t wet the gasket of your oven. Eventually, finish the process by cleaning the outer parts of your toaster oven. After that, leave the oven to dry.

Pro tips: For the optimal result, mix distilled vinegar and water in a 3:1 proportion. Use this to wipe the inner side of the oven. It will make sure no dirt is left. Besides, use this mixture to wipe the door.

You can repeat the process if you think your oven is not cleaned properly. Nevertheless, I recommend going to the heavy-duty cleaning process.

Basic cleaning with baking soda

Heavy-duty or extensive cleaning using baking soda:

It is not rare that some of us don’t like regular cleaning. Therefore, we leave our toaster oven to clean once or the toaster oven once or twice a year. Consequently, a toaster oven can be excessively oiled and full of dirt. When the situation is such, it requires special cleaning using baking soda. You will need:

  • Baking soda: 1 pound
  • Salt: 1 cup
  • Water: 2/3 cups

When you have the elements ready, you are all set to go for the cleaning process. Just do as mentioned below:

  • At first, mix the elements and make a rather thick paste alike cake icing. Remember, the mixture needs to be thick.
  • Now go for the same steps. Just remove the pans and racks of your oven and get them soaked.
  • Apply the paste accurately on the inner and other parts of the oven. But it is better not to apply the paste on uncovered metals and heating metals.
  • After you apply the paste, close the oven door.
  • This time you have to leave the paste on the oven for a full night.
  • The pastry will be hard in the morning. Then it is time to clean it up.
  • Use wetting, rubber spatula, or scraper, made of plastic, to wipe the dirt, oil, and grease patiently.
  • Clean the door and gasket using the mixture of distilled vinegar and water.
  • Eventually, leave the oven to dry. Air dry is recommended.

Pro tips: Take time and apply the mixture of distilled vinegar and water properly on the door, and outer parts as well. It will give you a surface free of stain and get back the original appearance so the toaster oven.

Related Question Regarding Toaster Oven and Baking Soda

Can I use vinegar with baking soda to clean my toaster oven?

Yes, you can use vinegar and baking soda together to clean your toaster oven more effectively. In fact, when you mix these two elements, it makes a fully natural cleaning element. Here is what you can do to clean your oven using this mixture:

  • Firstly, disperse baking soda in plenty on the dirt or stain
  • Then spray water on it. Alternatively, you can mix the vinegar solution with water in a 3:1 ratio.
  • After you apply the spray, wait for 20-25 minutes.
  • When your oven becomes cool, it is time to clean it up.
  • Then the loosened food and baking soda need wiping. Use a damp cloth or paper towels.
  • Eventually, apply the clean vinegar solution to clean up the inner parts and outer parts of the oven.
  • Leave the oven to get air dry.

Pro tips: Do not use vinegar directly; it will cause the baking soda to bubble. Do it patiently. Do not use too much vinegar solution on the uncovered metals and heating metals.

Can I use Self-Clean with Baking Soda?

 Yes, you can. However, it is not safe to use the self-clean feature of a toaster oven using baking soda, since it may cause a set of problems. That is why I do not recommend self-clean for your toaster oven.

The self-clean feature produces strong and bad odors and eventually, it can set your oven’s fire alarm off. Particularly, it works on a high temperature to burn the food off. But the problem is it may sometime bake the food over again instead of cleaning. Besides, it could be a problem for the low wattage toaster ovens.

Why use baking soda to clean a toaster oven

Have you ever wondered why using baking soda? Well, baking soda is unmatchable and extremely effective when it comes to clean the grease or food buildup of a toaster oven. Addit9ionally, it is less costly, free from toxic, and very easy to use compared to other cleaning chemicals. Being alkaline, it does an excellent on the acidic food buildup of an oven.

When you apply baking soda the grease breaks down automatically, besides, breaking soda counterbalances the acidic food particles. Consequently, the cleaning process becomes hassle-free and you can clean your oven faster even without doing extensive hard work.

Baking soda is also very effective against stuck and dried food particles since it is a kind of an abrasive cleaner to some extent.

Another spectacular fact about using breaking soda is you need to wait for a certain time after cleaning before you start cooking again. There, instead of turning your oven on, get back to cooking just after finishing the cleaning.


Cleaning a toaster oven using baking soda indeed is a very effective method. It takes little preparation time; thoroughly an easy-peasy process. However, it may often turn out to be a tricky process, if you don’t know how the working process well. Instead of wondering, just follow this comprehensive guideline.

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