How to Clean a Gas Grill With Oven Cleaner?

To prevent food residue from building up, you need to clean your gas grill regularly. Leaving food residue on the grill grate for too long releases unexpected smells and eventually ruins the taste of the meals. This is why you should clean your gas grill regularly. It prevents food residue from building up.

Oven cleaning is very effective among a great many cleaning elements, so it makes sense that it could be used as a standard cleaning element. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use oven cleaner to clean a gas grill. To find out more, please read it all…

Here is the whole process of cleaning a gas grill with an oven cleaner at a glance.

  • Turn off the gas supply
  • Remove the ash pan
  • Spray the oven cleaner
  • Allow it to set
  • Wipe it up
  • Wash out the grill
  • Rinse out the whole device

Is Oven cleaner is effective for cleaning gas grills?

There are many ways and elements to clean up a gas grill, but only a few are highly effective, and oven cleaner is one of them. As the main component of oven cleaner is Butane, it is able to deal with large amounts of food buildup more easily and effectively than other cleaning elements. Then comes the monoethanolamine, which stands against the fatty acids and softens the grease better than any other cleaning solution.

Additionally, the solution contains diethylene glycol monobutyl to prolong the life of the monoethanolamine. Also, sodium hydroxide and MEA and butane help remove dirt and heavy residue from the coating. When wiping the grates is not enough, there is no other option than deep cleaning once a year. As a general cleaner, you can use an oven cleaner. Your gas grill can be restored to its original state in just a few minutes with the cleaner.

How to Clean a gas grill with oven cleaner?

There is no doubt that cleaning a gas grill with an oven cleaner is a bit challenging. You may damage your grill if you don’t know exactly what to do and when. I’m going to show you how to clean a gas grill easily by using oven cleaner. To begin the cleaning process, you will need a few things. Get them ready before you begin:  

  • Oven cleaner
  • Cleaning rags
  • A damp cloth or paper towels
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • A grill brush of metal bristle
  • Water

When you have the elements ready, you can start the cleaning process following the guideline mentioned below.

  • Turn off the gas supply: As a safety precaution, at first turn off the gas supply of your grill. It is even better to remove the grill from the gas tank.
  • Remove the ash pan: Then detach the ash pan from your grill. Put down all the elements from and wipe it properly until you see there is almost no dirt in it. When you are done with this process, just put back the pan inside the grill in place.
  • Spray the oven cleaner: This is the most important step. Use the nozzle of your oven cleaner and start spraying it on the grill and grates. Remember, here you have to create a smooth coat of oven cleaner on the grates and the grill; so spray enough of it to coat properly.

Then spray the oven cleaner inside the grill and coat noticeably.

Pro tips: Don’t spray on the external or outer parts of the grill. If you do, it may result in damaging the enamel surface of the grill.

  • Allow it to set: After you coat the grill, you have to wait for at least 20-25 minutes to let the coating set effectively. For the optimal result, you may wait up to 35 minutes. Just keep a note of the coating. The more you wait, the more vulnerable the food residue becomes. When you allow the grease to loosen and soften, you can wipe it out without any hassle or just by scrubbing it.
  • Wipe it up: Then us the damp cloth or the paper towels to wipe out the grill or the grates properly. You will require a solid and clean towel, so you should change the towel when needed. Then lift the grates, as you have to wipe out the inner side of your grill the same way.
  • Wash out the grill: Here you will have to use at least three tablespoons dishwashing detergent and mix it in 1-gallon water. After that, use the solution to wash out the grill and grill grates thoroughly.

Eventually, you use this solution to wipe out the inner and outer parts of your grill.

  • Rinse out the whole device: At last, use clean water to wash out all the detergent visible on the grill.

Pro Tips: If you find any stubborn or stick residue, try using the grill brush of metal bristle. Try mildly first and then a bit harder; the residue will be removed by then.

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Safety Precaution

There are some safety precautions as well.  Oven cleaner is usually very caustic. Therefore, it is not safe to use oven cleaner bare-handed; wear standard high quality and standard gloves to protect your hand. Besides, you should follow all the safety instructions of the manufacturer in order to safeguard your grill from any possible damage or injury and to maintain the original color or appearance.

How to Clean a Gas Grill With Oven Cleaner? 1

Is it safe to use easy off oven cleaner on gas grills?

The easy-off oven is also known as the fume-free oven cleaner. As a matter of fact, both these elements are somewhat the same, yet somewhat different. Sometimes the fume-free oven cleaner may turn out to be excessively caustic. That is why experts don’t recommend using the easy-off oven cleaner. In the same way, I forbid using this cleaning element and I recommend using the grill cleaner in such situations.

If you want to use the easy off oven cleaner, follow these steps strictly:

  1. Use standard hand gloves for added safety
  2. Avoid using the easy off oven cleaner directly on the grill exterior
  3. Don’t apply more than needed
  4. Take time and finish the whole process very carefully with your eyes open

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Final words

Cleaning frequency determines what type of cleaner you need. However, as a standard cleaner, oven cleaner could be your best pick when you have to offer deep cleaning to your gas grill. In addition, the oven cle3aner also suffices to be your cleaning element for the recurring clean as well.

Utilize your need and use the oven cleaner following the rules carefully.


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