8 Simple Ways to Clean a Flat Top Grill With Vinegar?

Food is a compulsory part of our life. There was a time when people used to have only some of the traditional foods. But in this world of globalization, people have been trying to bring about a change in their traditional cooking styles. There are different kinds of foods of variant textures that require a versatile cooking style and specific cookware.

There are many kinds of cooking tools in the market which are associated with specific heating systems, cooktop and usage. Among them, the flat top grill has gained huge popularity in the daily kitchen activities of many people. 

The flat top grill has been widely applauded for its spacious cooktop and high capacity of its burner with the proper distributional heating management. But only the top quality flat top grill can give you the authentic service of your desire. This gadget opens versatile cooking scopes such as frying, grilling, making burgers and pizzas, blackening, roasting and lot more.

People prepare different recipes of vegetables, meat and fish on this gadget. So, after finishing the cooking it is very normal to find out cooking signs, oil starch different food particles on the top of the grill. Without being removed and cleaned, those after cook elements can destroy the durability and quality of this gadget.

There are several effective cleaning options for managing a flat top grill. Amongst them, cleaning with vinegar has been taken as a smart way.

Advantages of cleaning with vinegar

Cleaning in a more naturalistic way is always preferable. It is pretty obvious to look for something which will ease your cleaning activities. In this case vinegar has gained an acceptable status. The existence of acetic acid in vinegar is very powerful to soften the hard particles on the flat top grill. Therefore, it becomes easier to maintain cleanliness. 

How to Clean a Flat Top Grill With Vinegar?

  • Sometimes, the cooktop part of the grill gets a hard and burnt portion of different foods. These food particles can be very hard to deal with. In this case, a primary cleaning can be very fruitful before the advanced approach. There are different high-quality scrapers and brushes in the market for cleaning. Collect and use the proper scraper for removing the toughest sparred elements from the surface. But don’t try to create too much pressure over the surface as it may cause unexpected signs or even fractures. 
  • After some pre-cleaning, it is time to prepare the mixture of vinegar for the implementation. The proportion of water and vinegar should be reasonable. For a more effective impact, it is ideal to take a modest amount of water and mix it with one-third of vinegar. The application of that mixture will be divided into two phases. Therefore, make divisions of the cleaning liquid and use half of it to sprinkle. 
  • By using a good sprayer spatter the half of vinegar over the whole surface and wait for 5 to 10 minutes so that the acetic acid may work perfectly for softening the hard food flecks. You can also use a brush in this regard. 
  • Now, use rags or a soft clean cloth for advancing towards a thorough cleaning.  Soak the rag into the other half of the water-vinegar mixture and wash the whole surface by pulling your hand around.  While working with hands, don’t forget to ensure the safety of your skin from any sorts of problems.
  • When you are done with the execution of vinegar for washing the surface, take a dry towel and then wipe over the whole cooktop for making it free from the wetness. You should apply the dry clean cloth for cleaning the additional body parts. Even they can get unexpected dirt after multiple uses.
  • As the grill is meant to be absolutely non-sticky, the implementation of some oil over it will make it more productive and at the same time, increase the resistance power against dirt.
  • As you wash your flat top grill from time to time, the whole gadget goes through some rough touches. In that case, the structural status is likely to be pressurized. The seasoning of this cooking tool can be a great solution to that potential concern. For this process, you can use different kinds of things.
  • You can simply use a clean brush and cover the whole top of the grill with baking soda and vegetable oil. The distribution of those elements should be even. Then heat up the flat top grill by using 350-500 degrees of random temperature so that the oil can get coated on the surface. 

Final Thoughts

The use of this type of special cleaning method and seasoning may help you to bring renewal over the main body part but the best way to get long-term service from the tool is the maintenance of routine wash.

If you simply mob the tool after each use, there will be no tough-stinky things on the cooking space. Therefore you flat top grill will be safe from intensive cleaning which will keep it shiny and strong.

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