How to Clean Flat Top Grill With Lemon Juice? (5 Easy Ways)

We all enjoy preparing meals in different ways. Some people are experts at grilling meat and vegetables. Others like to bake some items with different flavors. Roasted foods with a variety of seasonings are popular around the world. We now eat fried fish and meat every day. Omelets, pizzas, steaks, and even barbecue are replacing traditional meals.

In light of these different recipes, which gadget can handle them all? Generally, a flat top grill is the best choice. The use of multiple oils, as well as sticky food particles, are all typical after a cooking session. It is very common to find dirt on a flat top grill after a cooking session you fail to maintain regular cleanliness, you may have problems with the gadget.

A pre-planned cleaning method should therefore be used to make arrangements according to your cleaning method.  It can be challenging to remove grease and sprinkle food components. Cleaning flat-top grills have been done with different handy methods throughout history. For managing hard and sticky food particles, lemon juice is one of the most popular options.

Benefits of lemon juice for cleaning the flat top grills

Lemon juice has been widely accepted for quite some time. Cleaning chemicals are useful for maintaining cleanliness, but it can also cause side effects. Whenever possible, natural products should be used. Lemon juice is one such natural blessing. Citrus acids clear oils and other substances from food. Furthermore, this juice has antibacterial properties that will help you to enjoy healthy cooking options. If your gadget has stunk, don’t worry, because this natural element will remove the unpleasant smells from food relics. Lemon juice is also useful for making your flat top grill shine. 

How to Clean a Flat Top Grill With Lemon Juice?

Step 1: Prepare the Necessary items to start cleaning the flat top grill with lemon juice

During this cleaning process, you may need some accessories. Spatulas and scrapers are very useful for removing tough relics. It would be a good idea to purchase those high-quality cleaning tools from authentic brands. Other cleaning tools, such as brushes and towels, might also be necessary.

Lemon juice is the most significant ingredient. You will need some fresh, juicy lemons to get the required amount of liquid. To wash after using lemon juice, prepare soap or mild detergent.   

Step 2: Ensure your personal Safety

Try to wear different safety management, such as protective gloves, clothes, and even eyeglasses, if you don’t want to get in messy contact with the dirt or cleaning components.   

Step 3: Heat the cooktop and remove the extra particles

You can use a hotplate to remove the thick layer of grease and food residue from the empty cooktop before proceeding. With your spatula and scraper, remove some of the trickiest particles, so that you don’t have to worry about anything complicated later. Then, let the flat top grill cool completely.  

step 4: Spray the lemon juice and clean the surface well

In a spray bottle, mix lemon juice and warm water in proportions. Make sure that the mixture reaches all corners and spaces where food relics can be found. It is recommended that you allow the citric acid to work for five to eight minutes after the sprinkle. Within a few minutes, the dirt on your grill will become mild enough to wipe away with a brush or towel.  

Step 5: Use mild soap or detergent and let it dry

To finish the cleaning process, use warm, soapy water to carry out a final polishing wash with a clean cloth. Swabbing all the liquids on the cooktop should be followed by allowing it to thoroughly dry. Finally, don’t make hasty decisions when cleaning. Many flat-top grills come with proper cleaning instructions. Following the manufacturer’s instructions will make your cleaning safer and more effective.  

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Final Thoughts

A cooking gadget like a flat top grill is a heavy-duty kitchen component that works with several items that can easily make the surface dirty and stinky. So, the best way to be followed for getting rid of any sort of harsh cleaning in the future; is the instant wash after every use.

Besides, you can apply seasoning procedures on your cooktop on a regular basis. The seasoning will increase its resistance power so that you can comfortably apply your preferable cleaning formulae.


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