9 ways to Clean a Flat Top Grill With Lemon Juice

Many of us have an intensive fascination with preparing meals in different ways. There are some people who have expertise in grilling meat and vegetables.

We also love to bake some items with various flavors. Roasted foods with numerous seasonings are the favorite of people all around the world.

Fried fishes and meats are becoming habitual platters in our daily life. Preparing omelet, pizzas, steaks, or even barbeque have taken the place of traditional meals.

Now a question comes to the mind; which gadget can deal with all these versatile recipes? The best flat top grill is that ideal cooktop that can afford your random cooking activities. 

Therefore, multiple use of oil, so many sticky particles of foods all are common production after every cook. As a result, it is very normal to have dirt on your flat top grill. If you somehow fail to maintain regular cleanliness, the gadget is likely to face some troubles.

So, you must have a pre-plan about your cleaning approach and need to make arrangements according to that fixed method. 

Washing away the grease and sprinkled components of food can be a bit tricky. People around the world have been using different handy ways of cleaning the flat top grill.

Amongst the popular methods, the use of lemon juice is quite effective for managing hard and sticky food particles.

Benefits of lemon juice for cleaning:

Since quite a long, lemon juice has been accepted and widely used as a great natural cleaner. Different chemicals may be handy for maintaining cleanliness but at the same time there are possibilities of some potential side effects.

That is why; natural things are always preferable for such activities. Lemon juice is such a natural bless.

Powerful botanical structure in the juice and the existence of citric acid is perfect for dealing with the spared food oil and other elements. Moreover, there is antibacterial benefit in this juice which will help you to experience healthy cooking scope.

No need to worry if your gadget has stunk because the use of this natural element will remove the unexpected smells of food relics. Alongside this usefulness, lemon juice will also help to increase the shine of your flat top grill. 

How to Clean a Flat Top Grill With Lemon Juice?

  • In this cleaning process you may feel the requirement of some necessary accessories. For the easy removal of the tough relics, implication of spatula and scraper can be very useful. So, it will be good if you could collect those high quality cleaning tools from authentic brands. Besides you may require a brush and towel for some related activities.
  • As the main thing you need is lemon juice, collect some fresh and juicy lemons which will be enough to produce proportionate liquid. Alongside that, arrange soap or mild detergent because it will be needed for the finishing polish after the use of lemon juice. 
  • If you don’t want to get in messy touch with any of the dirt or cleaning components, try to adorn yourself with different safety managements like protective gloves, clothes and even eye glasses. 
  • Before further proceedings, you can heat up the empty cooktop so that the hard food relics and thick layer of grease get reasonably lighter.
  • Let your flat top grill to cool down completely. Then use your spatula and scraper for removing some of the trickiest particle so that you may not have to face any complexity ahead.
  • Then mix proportionate amount of lemon juice and warm water in a spray. Ensure that the mixture may reach at every corner and space where the food relics are found.  After the sprinkle, you should give the citric acid to work for 5 to 8 minutes. 
  • Within some moments, the dirt on your flat top grill will become mild enough to be wiping away with a brush or towel.
  • At the end of the cleaning with lemon juice, use some warm and soapy water to carry on a final polishing wash with a clean cloth.
  • Finally, swab all the liquids and let the cooktop to dry out completely before any further use. Last but not the least; you should not be hasty in your cleaning acts.

Most of the best brands of flat top grills are expected to provide proper cleaning instructions. By following those manufacturers’ manuals, your cleaning will be safer and more fruitful.

Final Thoughts

A cooking gadget like a flat top grill is a heavy-duty kitchen component that works with several items that can easily make the surface dirty and stinky.

So, the best way to be followed for getting rid of any sort of harsh cleaning in the future; is the instant wash after every use.

Besides, you can apply seasoning procedures on your cooktop on a regular basis. The seasoning will increase its resistance power so that you can comfortably apply your preferable cleaning formulae.

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