Grilla Grills Review

Grilla is a well-known and market-leading company renowned for manufacturing wood pellets and charcoal grills. If you have an open backyard and want to throw a party there with your family members, relatives, colleagues, friends you should need a gas grill to cook for them.

With a unique and sleek design, portability, cheap price, good burning power- Grilla Grills can be your best choice.

In 2012, Grilla launched its first Grilla model. The founders of the Grilla company are David Shidler and Mark Graham. Grilla company is situated in the USA. Grilla products were quite expensive since they have started the company.

Less wealthy people could not afford the Grilla grill for a long time. To sell their products more cheaply with great quality they have no choice to make mutual contact with China and shift their company there.

The company is planned very wisely to get the world market. Soon, they cut the dealership network and sell the products by e-commerce. They expand their business by introducing a new model of grills like pellet grills and ceramic Kamado grills.

These two grills became very popular. They reach the audience to a wide range and the business grew into a trusted.

In this context, we are going to discuss the about Grilla Grills, do they good for the value of the money? From this Grilla grills review, you know exactly what should be considered before buying the Grilla grills. So, let’s started.

Best Grilla Grills In the market

Comparison between Grilla Silver Alpha Gas Grill vs Grilla Chimp Tailgator

Different AspectsGrilla Silver Alpha gas grillGrilla Chimp Tailgator
Smoke SystemNothing specialAlpha Smoke Dual Controller
Low-temperature Safety Shutdown110 degrees105 degrees
Hopper Capacity20-lb15-lb
Locking CastersFour pivot castersSnap lock folding legs
Total Cooking Area692 sq.inches460 sq. inches
StorageSolid bottom enclosedNothing special
Dimension51 x 47 x 2241 x 38 x 20

Why Do You Need to Buy Grilla Grills over Other Grills

Grilla grills are renowned for its durability and smoky flavor. People from different tires are praised for what the Grilla provides at their price point. Grilla makes different changes in their grills from other ordinary grills. A new technology-based gas grill makes cooking easier for the buyers.

The structure of the Grilla grills body is made by double-walled with an insulated barrel. That’s why heat can not pass through the main chamber. In cold weather, it is very useful for cooking. Stainless steel provides a unique design and rust-free surface.

For this, heat can be delivered evenly in the chamber and the smoky flavor makes the dish more delicious. On the other hand, other ordinary grills have no duel partition wall. Heat can insulate through the wall. As a result, the main burners take more time to hot and fuel economy affected.

There are two cooking modes in Grilla grills. These cooking modes are make good differences from other ordinary grills. Alpha Smoke Mode and Standard Smoky Modes provide superb smoky aroma to the dish. PID controlling system reduces the fluctuation of the heat and makes smoke.

Meanwhile, other ordinary grills have no such technology. The smoky aroma of the ordinary grills is not as best as Grilla.

Grilla grills are very compact. They are made for enhancing portability. Some of them are very large with a wide cooking area. The main cooking area of the Grilla comparing with other ordinary grills almost the same. But the secondary cooking space with the main grate and upper grate the Grilla grill is far ahead from other grills.

Grilla grill most fuel-efficient pellet grills in the world. The grills how much fuel you need for your cooking. You just control the temperature and Grilla’s advanced fuel control technology control the pellets to generate the heat. Temperature and smoky flavor systems are strictly measured and controlled by Grilla.

The fuel system of the ordinary gas grill is not good enough to burn the fuel economically. There is a vast waste of fuel and makes the very high costs for everyday use.

The above comparison shows why Grilla is different from other grills manufacturers. We think it helps to decide to think over other gas grills and Grilla grills will be your best choice.       

Best Grilla Grills Review

The chimp is familiar for its durability and versatility. For your back yard Chimp is perfectly settled. The Chimp is a portable Grilla pellet grill. It comes with a compact and durable structure with massive burning power. The latest features of Grilla grills like dual temperature control technology, Alpha smoke, Pellet Grillers rejoice are included with the Chimp pellet grill.

Quality wood pellet can cook everything. It provides both low and slow smoke with the hot and fast sear. You can grill, bake, sear, broil, roast, and smoke easily by Chimp pellet grill. Every Grilla grill has AlphaSmoke technology which is a rugged grill cover for more protection from other elements.

Combination Smokers bring out the unparalleled flavor from the sear. The flavor of the sear is better than traditional grills. Your cook can be well grilled with a variety of pellet flavors which is available at a big store. The dual-mode PID controller helps to provide both a precision temperature as well as smoke production mode. It has an automated feeding system with a 15 LB Hopper.

Chimp Grill is made by stainless steel internals with two storage compartments. The structure of the grills is very compact and durable. The external body is coated with powder coating. A double-wall insulated barrel is very suitable for the coldest places. It is also very fuel-efficient.

All the buyers give a very positive review of Chimp Grilla grill. The invention of this grill unit is made by buyers very pleased. They admire the Alpha smoke technology which makes sear smoky. PID control mode can maintain the temperature precisely.  People like the intense smoky flavor delivered by standard mode.

The Blower fan delivers the heat evenly in the chamber. That makes the grill chamber like an oven. This grill has good temperature control. With Alpha smoke Technology it makes the best smoky BBQ for all people. A deep penetrating smoky aroma with great temperature control makes the best pellet grill from our list. For the all-round performance at a cheap price, it is the best budget Grilla grill from our lists.


  • Chimp grill can be used as multi-purposes. A wood pellet grill brings out both low and slow smoke and hot fast sear. People can cook various kinds of food like grilling, bake, sear, broil, roast, pizza with a delicious smoky flavor.
  • A combination of two main smokers provides a smoky flavor to the dish. That’s can be more influenced even further with a variety of pellet flavors.
  • The grill is covered with powder coating. The main body of the grill is made of stainless steel. Construction is very durable and rust-free. The wall is made with an insulated barrel that delivers the temperature evenly through the chamber of the grill.
  • PID controller gives the right and optimum temperature as well as smoke production for better cooking.
  • Alpha Smoke Controller enhances the penetration of the aroma through the BBQ makes it smoky.


  • Wide temperature range, between 180 to 500 degrees
  • Alpha Smoke Technology included
  • Blower fan evenly circulated
  • Double-wall insulated barrel
  • PID controls the temperature precisely
  • For hold the grease, it provides dripping pan


  • There is no cover

Grilla Grills – Silverbac Alpha Model Bundle

The Silver Alpha is renowned for its durability, well-built, and well thought out pieces of BBQ equipment. It is the best Grilla grills ever invented. The cooking power of the Silver Alpha is around 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Aluminum grill grates provide good heat evenly in the main chamber. It is very good for sear and pizza baking.

Meanwhile, Silver Alpha Model also provides a low 180 degrees Fahrenheit temp; great for smoking jerky and brisket. A double-walled insulator barrel insulates the cook chamber and powder coated stainless steel gives extra protection even in cold weather efficiency.

Pellet smokers use a temperature regulation system similar to a kitchen oven.  The thermostat which is inside the grill can sense the temperature and notify the users when the temperature drops below. To solve this problem controller feeds the wood pellet with blowing air to help the temperature regained.

On the Alpha models, all are components like the fire pot, the heat diffuser, and the drip tray are made by stainless steel. The design of the components is so unique that spread the heat evenly under the firepot. It eliminates the hot spot and flare-ups from grease. The temperature sensor probe and a meat probe are also made of stainless steel and rust-free.

Grilla Grill Silver Alpha model has a large cooking space. There are 692 sq. inches of total cooking area. The main grate size is 507 sq. inches and the upper grate size is 185 sq. inches. An optional rack extension includes the main grate and the upper grate can add more 877sq. inches precisely. The thickness of the stainless is ¼ inch.

Simply press the power button to turn on the Silver Alpha at once. For its auto-ignition feature, you can ignite your grill anytime and anywhere. With a digital control unit, anyone can control the heat easily. Grilla recommends removing the grates, drip pan, and diffuser so you can observe the firepot to see when the pellets are dropping into the anger tube. Usually, it takes 4 minutes until they were dropping steadily.

Grilla Grill Silver Alpha has a two smoke mode. They are Alpha Smoke mode and Standard Smoke mode. Grilla grill Silver Alpha provides both modes together. Simply press the button form the control panel you can switch to Alpha and standard smoke modes.

When you press the Alpha Smoke Mode switch, an integrated PID control system brings down the temp fluctuation and produces the smoke. The PID system measures the fluctuation very accurately and sets it at the optimum range.

Silver Alpha comes with some handy accessories like a lid deflector, a front edge grease catch, and two rack jacks. A lid deflector attaches inside the lit. It is designed to reflect the air and moisture away from the bottom edge.

A front edge grease catcher catches the drips which comes out from the deflector. Rack and jacks are used to remove or install the grates when they became very hot and greasy. It can easily clean the drip pan and firepot prop up the bottom grate.


  • A quality wood pellet provides both low and slow smoke and hot fast sear. It can cook anything like grilling, bake, roast, smoke, etc.
  • It comes with a dual-mode controller and they are Alpha Smoke mode and Standard Smoke Mode. Alpha smoke mode brings out smoky flavor from the sear.
  • 4 bags of premium blend pellet fuel give you massive cooking power.
  • The construction of the Silver Alpha is very stable and durable. The body is covered with stainless steel and powder coating. Double-wall insulated barrel reduces the fluctuation of the heat from the chamber even the weather is cold.
  • PID control technology reduces the fluctuation of the temp to make the cook smoky. Automated feeding system with a 20LB Hopper.
  • It comes with some accessories like a lid deflector, front edge grease catch, rack jacks.

How Do Grilla Grills Compare to the Competition

Grilla is very well-reputed for its highly functional and modest-priced grill. There are very some interesting aspects that make Grilla overshadows other competitors.

Thermal Jacket Insulation

Thermal jacket insulation is one of the best features of the Silver Alpha model. The wall of the grills is made by powder coated stainless steel with inch-perfect welding. The insulating barrel prevents the fluctuation of heat to go out even the weather is cold. It helps to contain good temperature in the main chamber and the fuel economy remain unchanged.

Alpha Smoke Technology

The modern smoky technology of the Silver Alpha grill is introduced PID technology. This technology reduces the fluctuation of temp to produce smoke. The two cooking modes allow the temperature in control and produced a smoky aroma for BBQ. No other grills can provide this strong smoky flavor to the BBQ lover.

Durable and safe Construction

Grilla has already surpassed the other grill for its strong and protective construction. The construction of the grill grates, diffusers, and all other components are made by stainless steel with powder-coated. The powder coating stainless steel delivers heat evenly through the temperature and enhances the robustness. There is a waterproof grill cover that helps to protect the grill from bad weather.


Grilla grills are very compact in design. With powder-coated black color, prestige and sleek design give it a premium look. The stainless steel gives a clean, glossy, and rust-free texture on the body.

best grilla grills

Things to Consider before Buying Grilla Grills


Grilla grills produce different kinds of the grill with different sizes and variants. The grill size depends on your backyard space and family size. If a family is very large they need a more cooking space for cooking. Some people go for outdoor chilling with friends they need a compact and portable grilling system. Grilla grill provides all kinds of grill sizes that you need.

Build Construction

Grilla grills are mainly made of stainless steel. For its rust-free texture on the body make it very lasts long. Stainless steel structure very light in weight and suitable for portability. The inner chamber with a firepot, the heat diffuser, and the drip tray also made with stainless steel.


Most of the Grilla grills use pellets as a fuel. The controller of the grill measures the temperature and send the pellet to the burning chamber as you need. It helps to regulate the temperature in a different range with fuel economy.

Cooking Space

Grilla grills provide various kinds of cooking space as people demand. The average cooking space of Grilla grills is around 200 sq. inches to 600 sq. inches. There is an optional rack extension of 100sq. inches to 200 sq. inches cooking space with upper grate and main grate.

Cleaning & Maintainance

For a long time efficiency and usage clearing, the grills are very important. Choose very carefully what components are you need or do you need any extra tools to maintain the grill. That increases your cost for long time usage.

Final Verdict

We live in the modern world and depend on technology. People make their life easier using advanced technology in everyday life. For outdoor cooking, people also looking for technology bases grill. We think Grilla grill is one of them. Grilla grills provide a good cooking solution in any kind of weather conditions. To read this, Grilla grills review we think we can guide you a proper way to why you buy Grilla grill excluding other grills.

Grilla grills provide solid construction with a rust-free grill body. Stainless steel frames make the grill more stable. Two innovative cooking modes make your BBQ smoky and delicious. PID control technology controls the temperature very strictly. It measures the heat constantly and accurately.

The stainless steel body is very light to carry one place to another. The cooking area is large enough to cook a dish for up to 20 people at a time. The secondary cooking space adds more storage space to the buyers.

Enough cooking space, separate ignition system, PID temperature control, duel walled insulation barrel, Smoky modes make Grilla Grill the best gas grill of the year. 


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