Does Blending Destroy Nutrients and Fiber?

Many of the health-conscious people have the puzzle that does blending destroy nutrients and fiber? In short, Yes it does. But you should also know the actual ratio of losing nutrients and fiber also.

Let’s try to prove the actual reason for destroying the nutrition and fiber while blending. You may find some loss of nutrition in blending but it is not so severe. You may listen that blender completely destroys the nutrients and fiber.

I have read a lot of articles and journals regarding this issue. Because like you, I am very conscious about my health also. That’s why I start writing this blog post to inform you of the actual condition.

Anyway, let’s explore the actual phenomenon.

Nutrition and Nutrients

First of all, You should have a clear idea of Nutrition. Actually the term “Nutrition” refers to the study of how vegetables, fruits, and other foods convert into energy and help to maintain a sound, healthy lifestyle.

Oppositely, Nutrients means the source of energy like protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, fiber, vitamins, and water. actually these are the classification of nutrients.

In a blender, when you place vegetables or fruits for crushing, mainly it crushes the cellular structure. along with crushing cellular structure, it exposes the cellular oxygen too. The immediate oxygen exposure is responsible for beginning the damage of the smoothie. But if you drink it quickly, you will the proper vitamins and minerals.

Another important fact if you blend your vegetables and fruits for a long time, it also destructing the nutrients also.


you already know that fiver is an important part of nutrients. The fiber of vegetables and fruits work on digestion and decrease sugar in our body.

When you blend the fruits and vegetables in a blender it breaks the cellulose structure of the fiber. This breakdown results in faster consumption of sugar by the liver. Ultimately, it increases the blood sugar immediately.

So, we can tell that, Yes, blending destroy nutrition and fiber. Eating whole fruit is better for a healthier diet. In a blender, you may not get all the nutrients properly.

But, in the end, it is not a big issue, as you drink the liquid instantly. yes, it is a little bit tedious but to maintain good health you should be proactive.

green smoothies

How long do nutrients last after blending or juicing?

Well, first you should have a thorough idea about juicing and blending.

If yes, then do you know How long the juice or smoothie will stay after extracting it? This will depend on your storing process or the function of the juice machine. A slow working machine like masticating juicers juice will stay 72 hours, similarly, centrifugal machine juice will stay a maximum 36 hours. I think you understand the compare of the machine.

If you want to keep the juice a long time, then you may freeze it with the expected temperature. Citric acid also helps you to keep the fresh juice preserve. So, you may get help to use the lemon for keeping the juice a long time after blending.

Does freezing smoothies lose nutrients?

Freezing is a common way of preserving food and Many of us keep the food in the freezer for further use. They don’t know that long-time freezing will lose nutritional value and flavor of foods. You may preserve smoothies or juices for a short time to preserve. but when the food stays in a long time then its actual quality will be destroyed.

As a result, the long-time freezing smoothies lose the nutrients. So it should be better for you to consume the smoothie with a short period of time.

How long does fresh juice last?

This is a very good question for the juice lover because many of them want to store the juice for next time drinks after extract it from the juicers.

 How long the juice will last it depends on the juicer, from which machine you extract the juice. The juice extracted from the centrifugal juicer will stay a maximum of 24 fours. On the other hand, if you make the juice from masticating juicers then it will stay a maximum 72 hours. Because of the slow juicing process of masticating juicer makes the juice fresh and long life. But the speedy work centrifugal juicer destroys the fresh and long life of the juicer.

It will be the best option for you if you drink the juice instant after extracting it. But if you are busy with your work then you may preserve it in your freeze. Although you keep the juice in freeze the life of the juice won’t stay more than 24 hours and it also depends on the juicer like centrifugal, masticating or two gear juicers.

To increase the shelf life of juicer you can add the lemon or other antioxidants and the removing of air from the juice container will give a long life your juice. Despite keeping the juice in freeze with lemon, if you find it spoils after tasting little then abandon it.


Do smoothies lose nutrients overnight?

The tendency of keeping the smoothies for the next day will make you enthusiastic about the question that: Is it true that does freezing smoothies lose the nutrients overnight? The answer is yes.

But it doesn’t destroy the smoothies totally. The smoothies are either destroying or not it will depend on your process how you store the smoothies. The process of store meals without losing its nutrients is discussed below.


In blender when you extract the smoothies then the oxygen is mixed with that smoothies. The oxygen helps the blender to split the cell of the smoothies and the elements of vitamins and nutrients. The oxygen is the cause of oxidization which is responsible for the waste of the products.

To keep it fresh you may follow this

  1. Add citric acid in your container. Lemon is best for citric acid.
  2. Close the container with very tight so that there is no space for the container.
  3. Keep the container into freeze.

Shelf life

If you don’t freeze the smoothie, you may keep it shelf about four hours. Always keep in mind about freezing it for your better health. The unused products must be freezing for their next use. So, for your better health always taste the smell of the smoothie before eat or drink to be confirmed whether it is spoiled or not. The smoothie loss the nutrients overnight but not spoiled. If you maintain the above method to keep the smoothie fresh for your better and fresh health, which will give you the vitamin and mineral. Don’t store it for a very long time, if you find any bad smell then try to avoid it.

How to minimalize the Nutrients loss while blending?

Generally, in blending time the nutrients are lost in a different way. So how to minimize the nutrients loss while blending. Here in this section, I will make you clear about the solution of this nutrient loss while blending. Let’s come to the next point.

To avoid the nutrient loss, you may avoid the much time spent for blending because the blender blades produce the heat which will lose the nutrients. 0 to 60 seconds is the best time for blending, if the time requires long for blending then you may use the powerful blender for blending. A short time blending will prevent the loss of nutrients of the fruits and vegetables.

The small amount of oxidation in your smoothie is better for your health. To keep this, you should drink the smoothie with a shorter period of time. If you can’t drink this earlier, you may keep it into freeze until drink this smoothie. Long-time freezing will degrade the nutrition of the smoothie.

In washing time of the ingredients of your fruits, you should be very careful about its peeled piece and the soaking water is very important for vitamin b or c. the soaking liquid water reduces the valuable nutrition of the fruits.

Final Notes

We are at the bottom of the article now. I believe now you can understand the actual reason for destroying nutrients and fiber in the blender. Along with the blending, I have tried to cover all the related questions of juicing also. Hope, from now, you will be sincere while blending or juicing vegetables and fruits. Wish you a healthy life. Thanks for reading!


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