Do You Need to Thaw Frozen Crab Legs Before Cooking?

In our appetite, we have foods of different categories and taste. Every specific source comes with particular flavor and genre. Amongst them, sea food plays a very important role in the cooking style and food preferences of many people all around the world.

Seafoods include various eatable fish and non-fish living beings from the sea. Because of having rich health benefits, seafood ecstasy has been evolving day by day.

There are different kinds of seafood which have a relatively hard body with natural shell. This type of seafood is preferred to be cooked through boiling or steaming.

Shrimp, crab and crawfish are used for preparing various versatile dishes. Therefore, only the best seafood boiler can help you to generate supreme taste within those delicacies.

This gadget comes with heating burner with powerful BTU, strong materialistic value and different additional components which will also give you the opportunities like making fries, steamed cooking, etc.

Such gadget is perfectly designed to boil the sea foods destroying the potential bacteria which are very common to be found in shelled living beings of the sea. 

How to cook crab leg in a seafood boiler?

Crab is counted as very exotic food. For both indoor and outdoor enjoyment, the taste of crab leg is more like an aesthetic dish. The high-quality seafood boilers are fitted with perfect options for authentic cooking ways of crab legs.

As this seafood goes through different storage processes and seasonings, there are different ways you can follow while you cook it.

Cooking frozen crab leg without thawing:

A sea food like crab leg is really septic. So, soon after catching and gathering the crabs, the first thing of concern is preservation. It is very usual to have precooked crab leg because the marketers prefer to freeze it after some primary heating for the maintenance of freshness.

As a result, the crab leg cooking does not require intensive heating rather it is all about adding seasonings and extra essence. It is quite possible to cook frozen crab legs without being thawed.  It just takes a bit extra time while you cook it in a seafood boiler.

The boiling method:

If you are willing to cook the crab leg in simple boiling method, you should follow the following steps:-

  • First of all, choose a seafood boiler with suitable sized cookware which can easily accommodate the size of your crab leg. The oversize crab leg may get above the water level which will hamper the proper boiling of it. The material quality of the cooking pan is also important because the proper coating will help you heating up the water and the crab leg evenly.
  • Before you approach for practical cooking, try to secure yourself with safety management. As you will have to deal with high heat, the safety of hands is important. You can wear rubber gloves and high quality cooking apron for hassle-free activities.
  • Here comes the main functioning. Place your cooking pan over the boiler and fill more than half of it with clean water. Then add proportional salt which should be adjusted with the amount of the crab legs. Beside salt, you can add other seasonings, garlic powder and flavors in the water for increasing the taste.
  • Set the burner on the right level matching with the cooking time of your requirement. Too low heat may provide imbalanced cooking whereas overheat that crosses the time limit, can spoil the crispy texture.
  • When the water will get boiled up rightly, put the crab legs into the water one by one. Fix the lid in right way so that the heat may generate more power. The crab legs will be cooked within 8 to 15 minutes approximately.

Finally, serve your favorite food with warm and juicy essence. You can add extra topping, sauces or butter. You should use supportive components like stirring paddle for managing the whole cooking more efficiently. 

crab for cooking in boiler

The steam based cooking:

Almost all the best seafood boilers are featured with steam cooker so you can also follow steaming method for cooking the frozen crab legs. The steps are:

  • To have the sufficient steam, pour water into your steamer pot.  The water level should be limited to the point away from the touch of steaming pan. Mix some salt in the water which will create more effective steam.
  • After heating of the burner, place the crab legs in the steamer rack or jar. You should seal up the cover so that the steam may not come out of the pot.
  • When the cooking will be done, you will be able to identify by the color and scent. Therefore, arrange the seafood palate to be served with warm and variant texture.

Cooking frozen crab leg after thawing:

The crab leg is normally sold as frozen seafood. Generally the legs are pre cooked but you can buy alive ones if you intend to have this seafood raw. The cooking system of the thawed crab legs is same as we have discussed earlier. You just need to follow the steps of thawing. 

  • The first and simplest method is: keeping the frozen crab legs in the normal section of your freezer. In that case, the legs will be normalized after a fixed period. The method works bit slowly but it is great for maintaining better quality. 
  • If you intend to unfreeze the crab legs quickly, you can thaw this sea food through the use of cold and flowing water.
  • Soon after thawing the crab legs, you are ready to carry on the usual cooking steps. 

Bottom Line

Don’t feel that you are all done with your ‘crab leg cooking’ even though you have successfully prepared the seafood palate by using your seafood boiler. Now it is the turn of the cleaning activities. The unclean particles of sea food inside the cookware will create terrible odor.

So, wash the pot, boiler and steamer rightly following the manufacturer’s instructions. With a proper management, you can have the tastiest crab legs in your seafood menu either the frozen crabs being pre-thawed or not.

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