Can You Bake in a Toaster Oven? (Yes!)

What the alternative if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen for a bigger size regular oven? Well, you can just go on and buy a convection toaster oven.

They are small, budget-friendly, and with all the handy features they can do almost anything that a regular, older model oven is capable of, be it cooking or baking.

Nowadays people tend to go for a toaster oven because they can utilize the limited space in their kitchen with the benefits of a regular size oven.

Even there are under-cabinet toaster ovens to make the most of a limited space kitchen. Moreover, if you want to buy a toaster oven for your RV, you have your options.

If you wondering about what to bake and what to not in your toaster oven, I am here to help you dig into that…

How to bake in a toaster oven

As mentioned earlier, you can bake almost anything in your toaster oven. However, when you ask how to bake in a toaster oven, the straight answer is “carefully and with your eyes open”.

Put simply, you can bake anything in your toaster oven, be it cupcakes, cookies, bread, banana bread, or anything that fits into your toaster ovens following the actual process. Even there are special types of toaster ovens for seniors. Literally, nothing to worry about if you don’t have a regular toaster oven.

The term “carefully” or “vigilantly” refers to two things while baking in a toaster oven. These are:

  • Not to cause a fire/not to burn yourself
  • Maintain the heat and other settings in your toaster with your eyes open.
  • Particularly, when it comes to a low wattage toaster oven, you have to keep your every move subtle; be careful with every move of the way.

When you plan to bake in your toaster oven, you have to do a few things very carefully concerning thermodynamics; how a toaster oven functions.

  • Get your toaster oven to its baking setting.
  • You have to get to the right temperature at first. It varies based on what and of which amount you are going to Bake. That we will be discussing later.
  • You cannot get to a very higher temperature when you are baking since there are limitations.
  • Then you have to set the directions for your recipe accurately.
  • Particularly, you have to be very subtle about the baking time. Taking a bit less or more time will disrupt the whole process.
  • Technically, you have to take care of the hot and cold spots of your oven.

In short, based on the type of toaster oven you own, you may need to apply some different techniques, but the overall techniques remain the same. Let us discuss it further.

Can You Bake cup cake in a Toaster Oven

Can you bake cupcakes in a toaster oven?

The simples answer is yes. You can bake cupcakes without any hassle. To able cupcakes in your toaster oven, so as mentioned below:

  • You have to get the toaster oven in a warm setting first. When you do this, the heating elements in the bottom will heat up perfectly.
  • Preheat your toaster oven to 325-degree Fahrenheit 160-degree Celsius. To do this accurately, I recommend keeping a temperature thermometer the oven to know when it reaches the needed temperature. I always do it for optimal results.
  • When the temperature reaches to 325-degree Fahrenheit, it is time to mix the ingredients, both dry and liquid, for the cupcakes. I do this to make sure that the agents for raising remain powerful until it gets into the oven.
  • Then place the cake batter inside your oven and keep baking them in a warm setting for at least 12-15 minutes.
  • Don’t use the baking setting as it will not allow the cupcakes to rise the way you want it. Therefore, it is better to keep the bottom heating elements on and the top heating elements off.
  • If your toaster oven is considerably big, you can use both the bottom heating elements and the top heating elements at once.
  • When you find that the cupcakes have risen appropriately, you can start the baking setting right away. Then bake it for another 8-10 minutes at the same temperature.

Pro tips: If you think that that the cupcakes have not raised well or the center looks a bit down or uneven because of any temperature spike, you can just use a spatula made of solid metal to fix this. When you take the cakes out of the oven, just use the spatula mildly on the tops to flatten them.

Put no extra pressure on the cupcakes and do not turn on the baking setting first if there is no decent distance between the top heating elements and the cake tops.

Can You Bake cookies in a Toaster Oven_

Can you bake cookies in a toaster oven?

Baking cookies in a toaster oven is also an easy process if you follow the instructions systematically. Let us see what you have to do:

  • Take a bowl and mix all the elements you need to make the dry ingredients for your cookies. Then you need to prepare the wet ingredients mixing stuff like softened butter, vanilla, sugar, etc. Use eggs to supplement the wet ingredients. Eventually, mix both the wet and wet ingredients and make it polished. At last, stir the mixture well and put it in the fridge for about 20-25 minutes. It will help you get properly baked cookies.
  • Then preheat the toaster oven. It usually takes 5-6 minutes to be preheated properly for baking cookies. When you read the temperate around 350-degree Fahrenheit, you are all set to bake your cookies.
  • Put the cookies dough inside the toaster oven. Place the oven rack just in the middle of the toaster oven. Then bake the cookies at 375-degree Fahrenheit for around 12-15 minutes.
  • In case your priority is rather soft cookies, I recommend you to bake only for 12 minutes. On the other hand, if you prioritize the crunchy ones, take the whole 15 minutes.
  • When they are cooked evenly, let them cool down on the baking pan; it will at a few minutes only. Then you just need to remove the cookies from the pan using a spatula.

Pro tips: As the toaster oven bakes cookies faster than the regular oven, check the cookies frequently to know if they are evenly baked already. If so, adjust the baking time. Moreover, always place the cookies in a cooling rack after you remove them from the pan.

Can you bake bread in a toaster oven

Can you bake bread in a toaster oven?

Yes, you can bake bread in a toaster oven. This practice is becoming more popular day by day. You just need to use comparatively smaller size loaves and master some techniques like adjusting temperature and time, trapping heat, turning the loves frequently.

Just follow my guidelines while baking bread in your toaster oven:

  • Make comparatively smaller loaves as the toaster ovens don’t offer that much space for bigger loaves to rise. The size usually depends on the size of the oven, but keep it somewhere between 0.5 kilograms to 1 kilogram.
  • Then you have to preheat your oven to 375-degrees Fahrenheit. It is better to turn the burner on taking it to the highest setting and preheat the skillet for about 30-45 seconds.
  • Then take the burner temperature a bit down for 8-10 minutes. It will help you not to burn your bread. Then it will turn a golden color or brown crust golden crust.
  • At last, put the bread inside the toaster oven. Now you have to trap the heat properly. To do this you can use a bowl of stainless steel to cover the bread fully when you put it inside the oven. Keep it there for 10-15 minutes.
  • When the bread is baked fully, remove it and let it cool for a few minutes.

Pro tips: Spray a lot of water on the baking pan before you place the bread on it and after you place it. You can also use some tin foil on the pan for the optimal result.

Can you bake banana bread in a toaster oven?

Since you can bake bread in a toaster oven, you can also bake banana bread in a toaster oven. However, you have to make a few other elements while baking banana bread, so follow the techniques thoroughly:

  • Mix all the elements for banana bread properly. Then you have to mix other elements like nutmeg, baking soda, etc. to make it more effective.
  • Then use mash bananas and keep it aside until you preheat the toaster oven.
  • Preheat your toaster oven for 15-20 minutes to 375-degree Fahrenheit. Use an oven thermometer to get the actual temperature.
  • Then place the mixture inside the toaster oven in a bowl. Keep baking it for about 1 hour at 330-degree Fahrenheit.

Pro tips: If you want soft bread, stop baking after 55 minutes. The most significant thing is keeping the baking temperature at least 30-35 degrees low than the preheating temperature.  When the preheating temperature is 375-degree Fahrenheit, you should bake the banana bread at 330-340 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you bake banana bread in a toaster oven

Can i use a toaster oven instead of a regular oven?

Yes, you can use a toaster oven instead of a regular oven. This way you can utilize the small spaces in your kitchen very effectively. Moreover, a toaster oven can do anything that a regular oven does. So why not using a toaster oven or replacing it with the bigger size, old model regular toaster oven?

There are also many advantages of using a toaster oven:

  • They cook faster and evenly compared to the regular oven.
  • They come with handy fans and features
  • They allow to cook at a very low temperature and this feature works very efficiently
  • They are also energy efficient. For example, the low wattage toaster ovens use only half the energy of a regular oven.
  • They are less costly and very easy to use and maintain with their compact size.

Therefore, you can just rely on the toaster ovens to replace the regular toaster ovens. I assure you, you will get almost all the benefits of a regular oven at a less costly, compact size and advanced device.


To sum up, it is crystal clear that be it cooking or baking a toaster oven can do anything for you. They offer easy portability and handy features; they are totally worth the money by offering the same capabilities of the regular ovens at an affordable rate.

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