Can a Manual Meat Grinder Grind Bones? (Everything You Need to Know)

People have their own way to taste the different flavors of the meat. The varieties in taste rely on the styles of meat processing. Therefore, grinded meat has huge popularity all around the world.

Through the grinding process, the meat gets molded with a unique, flavorful look and taste. There are different types of meat grinders in the market. Among them, a manual meat grinder is quite a popular gadget.

A manual meat grinder is a tool which will grind your meat through your hand-operated manual way. There is nothing electrical here. From topping to rotating the handle, everything is based on your own functional choice.

The best benefit of such a meat grinder is that you can control salt and seasonings which are necessary for better texture. Besides, it saves money for not using electric force.

Can a Manual Meat Grinder Grind Bones?

A manual meat grinder is made of a reasonable strong blade and body structure. So, you can get the kind of finest grinded meat by your simple effort. But is it possible to grind bones in this hand based tool?

Many of us have this query. Some people wish to grind bones alongside solid meat especially for the meals of cats and dogs.

Actually, grinding bones in a manual meat grinder is not impossible but the accessibility is limited. Only The Best Manual Meat Grinder can do this bone grinding for you. It is very normal that you will not be able to create a stronger force like an electric grinder as its manual structure is formed for simple raw meat. You can only try to grind the bones of chicken, rabbits, turkeys which are relatively fragile. 

How to Grind Meat In Manual Meat Grinder

For this process you can follow some specific ways:

Evaluating the structural strength:

There are manual meat grinders from different brands which have differences in the number of components and structural materials. If you are planning to squeeze the bones alongside meats, the selected gadget must have strong and sharp blades, high quality-polished screw rod and resistant plates.

These are necessary for bearing the pressure of the hardness of the bones. Besides, the handle of the grinder must have a thick structure and a perfect gripping edge. Firm control on the handle is a very important feature as you will need to push in some extra effort while grinding bones.

Stabilized working zone:

Now you need an absolutely stable tabletop for such a powerful grinding approach. The bottom can be either suction-based or clamp-oriented. Whatever the type is, the establishment of your gadget should be sturdy. Ensure the fact that the pressure grinding may not create any sort of instability.

Processing chicken bones:

In terms of dealing with bone processing, a manual meat grinder works best with chicken bones. These types of bones are comparatively easier to be crushed through such a manual tool. Yet, you should not take the bones from the body parts which are relatively harder to squeeze. 

Amputating the bones:

After selecting the suitable bones from compatible sources, you need to cut them into little pieces. Larger bones may get stuck whereas the divided parts will be comfortably molded. The wings are relatively soft so they may not require further division.

  • Many of us think that the bones for grinding are better to be cooked. But pre-cooked bones can be lot tougher to be processed. Therefore, you should try to use uncooked bones in your manual meat grinder.
  • This kind of meat processor can only deal with those bone parts which are relatively lighter and softer. In that case, the bones of neck part, backbone and little chicken wings are better to be selected.
  •  What type of grinded bones do you want? Different plates will produce different smoothies. The fine plates are capable of producing bone powder of modest quality. In this case, don’t forget to make the bones completely flesh less.
  • Grinding bones means an intensive use of your grinder. The hard and raw slices can be mixed at the inner components creating tough dirt. To re-establish the polished look of your tool, a thorough cleaning initiative is an undeniable requirement. Use warm saponaceous water and a soft brush so that you can reach to the little corners of the accessories for a better wash.

Final Thoughts

The manual meat grinder is mainly featured for our personalized grind. For ensuring the operating comfort, grinding bones are not included in the main manufacturer’s feature. Yet, if you want to grind bones, select the specific kinds only.

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