Best Yakitori Grills

If you want something special and interesting at family gatherings, picnic, camping, with friends or more, a yakitori grill can really aid you, even without spending a large amount of money on it.

A yakitori grill excites more fun and memorable moments with its special and traditional type of cooking arrangement in your daily life. Moreover, if you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, you must own a yakitori grill for diversion in your life.

Are you confused about which model of yakitori grill to buy? We are here to help you as we always been. We have made a list of the 10 best yakitori grills available in the market these days.

For your easement, we have elucidated their highlighted features, pros and cons, and a comprehensive buying guide so that you get to the best yakitori grill for you. Let us see what they offer for you…

Buying Guide for Yakitori Grills

It is no wonder that yakitori grills are worth your money if you can pick the best yakitori grill for you. We believe, to pick the perfect grill for you and to ensure quality, you must know about certain features to consider about yakitori the top yakitori grills, which we have brought down as a buying guide for you.


If the construction of a grill is not standard, the rest is prone to various sorts of difficulties within no time. You do not want to waste your money buying a regular material built yakitori grill; rather you want a durable and reliable grill.

It is most preferable to buy a grill made of heavy-duty materials like stainless still, which guarantees durability; it makes the grill anti-rust or anti-corrosion.


As you already know, there are various types of yakitori grills based on their power source, e.g., gas, electric or charcoal grill. Hence, it is very rudimentary to decide which one you want.

Habitually, yakitori grills run on charcoal, and most people prefer so because of the smokey favor and outdoor use. Contrarily, gas and electric grill are high-tech and easy to use, mostly used indoor. If you choose an electric yakitori grill, you need have enough power supply.


Traditionally, yakitori grills possess a rectangular shape and offer enough space for skewers. Nowadays, we all want multi-dimensional grills. We recommend you to opt for the newest designs, which allow cooking you kebabs, meats, and burgers.


It is also very important to pick a grill with the right size depending on your needs. If you need one for camping, family or personal need, you may pick a compact size, lightweight and easily portable tabletop yakitori grill to experience Japanese traditional grilling. Conversely, for big parties, gatherings, and professional use, you need a full-size grill with a spacious cooking surface.

Air outlets

To cook properly, you need strong fire, which depends on the adequate circulation of air. Consequently, you need a yakitori grill that has a better ventilation system or air outlets to aid the process of cooking properly. You may want to buy a grill with a combustion ventilation system, which is very effective.

Cleanup system

For convenient use, your grill needs to be easily cleanable. Stainless steel, non-stick coatings, removable hand trays ensure easy cleanup. Therefore, opt for a grill with these features.

Heat retention

You must consider the heat retention and insulation system of a yakitori grill. It is also very important to know whether the grill you are about to buy has proper heat retention and insulation system or not.

In this case, a stainless steel made grill can serve the purpose. However, ceramic and clay are also qualified enough to do the job properly.


For beginners, it is better to buy one fully assembled. Proper assembly instructions, adjustable or foldable grills, storage are also important.

Yakitori Grills

In-Details Review Of the 10 Best Yakitori Grills

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill

The Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill is widely known for its versatility and additional safety equipment through the full cooking session. As a versatile grill, it can cook a wide range of foods steak, fish, burgers, chicken, and, of course vegetables very efficiently.

It is easy to assemble, use and features top quality safety function along with its spacious cooking surface for families.


  • Total cooking surface 12-1/2 by 9-1/4 inches
  • Non-stick grilling surface
  • Plastic built cool-touch base and handles
  • Variable and  easily adjustable heat control
  • Safety feature that doesn’t allow it to heat unless installed properly 
  • Dishwater safe and removable equipment
  • Ideal for different sort of cooking, from steak and burgers to vegetables
  • cULus listed

Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill

It is a modern version of the kettle that way invented by the founder of the Weber.  When your primary concern is durability, you can rely on the Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill. It is an ultra-durable product made of heavy-duty materials.

Supplementary, it is quite ahead than most other of its kinds in heat retention and heat control as well. Besides, along with its dampers and lid, it’s a full package for grillers indeed.


  • Ultra durable heavy-duty materials
  • Spacious cooking surface to hold up to 13 burgers at once
  • Porcelain-enameled lid with a hook to place easily
  • Anti-rust and anti-peel materials used
  • Aluminum-built ash catcher, which is removable
  • One-touch easy cleanup system
  • Easily adjustable dampers for convenient temperature control
  • High quality heat retention and shield handles from heat
  • Wheels to make it easily portable 

Charcoal Grill Barbecue Portable BBQ

If you are looking for a yakitori grill, which will use for multi-dimensional purposes, be it camping, tailgating, picnics, parties, family gathering and you name it; probably the ISUMER Charcoal Grill is one of the best options ever available for you.

It comes with detachable legs and tabletop design. You can also adjust its heights and balance, and you can use it in small spaces conveniently. Its firm and durable stainless steel construction just adds to its trustworthiness.


  • Product dimension is approximately 15.9*11*8.8in (40.5x28x22.5cm) when assembled and approximately 15*12*4in (38x30x10cm) when folded
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Construction materials are anti-resistant, ant- rust, anti-peel and highly durable
  • Detachable legs for easy portability and storage
  • It is height and balance adjustable
  • Easily cleanable grilling surface
  • Air ventilation is superior with double air vents
  • Offers multiple cooking heights

Uten Barbecue Grill Portable Lightweight Simple Charcoal Grill

It is another perfect yakitori grill for people who love adventure. The Uten Barbecue Grill Portable Lightweight Simple Charcoal Grill can be your best adventure partner. It is suitable for a family of 4-5 members.

Because of its compact, lightweight and small design it is kind of “take anywhere” type. It has foldable storage features as well. So take it anywhere (Camping, beach, picnics, parties, tailgating, etc.) you want and enjoy quality time with your dearest and nearest ones.


  • Product dimension is 13.8″ x 10.6″ x 7.9″, when opened
  • Cold-rolled iron-built heavy construction
  • It comes with premium chrome wire mesh
  • Easily foldable storage design
  • Features 12 airway vent design, which allows to start a fire very easily and faster
  • It is anti- scratch and heat-resistant
  • More study legs compared to others of its kind
  • Very compact and study design to take it anywhere
  • Various cooking heights

Noto Dia Table-top Charcoal Grill, Shichirin Hida Konro

It is a tabletop and charcoal yakitori grill with wire mesh. If the situation is such that you want a reliable tabletop grill within a friendly budget, then it deserves to be in your list.

You can enjoy the traditional Japanese style grill and tabletop stove with it. It is perfect for Japanese type foods Robata, yakitori, takoyaki and BBQ. It is a portable yakitori grill, so it can aid you in different outdoor purposes as well. It is easy to assemble and clean for comfortably grilling experience.


  • Product dimension is approximately 4.33″X4.33″X3.93″ and 5.9″X5.9″X4.72″
  • Clay built and stainless steel chrome plating
  • Traditional Japanese style tabletop design
  • Comes with wire mesh
  • It features ash leaks under and by the body
  • To prevent the heat to reach the table top it uses wooden base
  • Very strong adsorption system
  • It is designed to consume 30% less charcoal compared to the mainstream

Elite Gourmet EGL-6501 XL Indoor Electric Smokeless BBQ Grill

Do you want to cook all day long and throughout the year? Being one of the best indoor electric grills ever, it ensures smokeless grilling experience all day long. Without a bit of doubt, it can give you a very convenient and reliable grilling experience indoor.

For superior comfort, it offers all the advanced features in one highly constructed and affordable grill. Its temperature control features along with all other user-friendly features it makes the most of your money. 


  • Grill dimension is Dim12″x16″, while grill surface is 14″x18″
  • Non-stick grilling surface, which is extra-large
  • Features drip tray to ensure smokeless cooking
  • It allows heat up to 400°F
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat
  • All the parts are dishwater safe
  • Comes complete with tempered glass lid
  • Backed by 1-year warranty

Fire Sense Large Rectangle Yakatori Charcoal Grill

The Fire Sense Large Rectangle Yakatori Charcoal Grill is another well-known tabletop yakitori grill. It is, in fact, a large rectangle yakatori charcoal grill. Fire sense produces it adhering to the Japanese tradition as a tabletop barbecue type grill.

Specifically, it features handmade clay, which we know as ceramic and the best material for yakitori grill. It can fit for all purposes as well. You can use it outdoor and for camping, picnics, parties or whatever you want. 


  • Dimension is 7 x 10 x 18 inches
  • It offers a cooking and  grilling area of 157 square inches
  • Ceramic construction; handmade clay
  • Comes with a chrome plated cooking grill and quality handle
  • It features adjustable ventilation
  • It has internal charcoal grates
  • Being produced as a authentic Japanese tabletop barbeque

Party Griller Yakitori Grill 32” x 8″ w/Double Mesh Grill Grate

The Party Griller Yakitori Grill is a long shape yakitori grill of 32 inches. Actually, this good-looking yakitori grill is designed to hold skewers on its both sides, which results in an evenly and properly cooked meat, as the meats literally sits on the center of heat.

It allows contactless grilling on skewers, which means it eliminates any kind of risk or unwanted occurrences that could occur while turning the skewers during the operation. Besides, it offers foldable legs and easy portability.


  • Grill dimension is 31.5 x 7.87 x 34.25 inches
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Features stainless steel mesh grill grate
  • At allows vent control on both sides
  • Cooks a wide range of foods, even the Thai, Malaysian Satay, and Chinese Lamb Skewer
  • Comes complete with a set of 2 stainless steel seasoning  shakers
  • It is anti-rust and anti-warp
  • Almost pre-assembled

Livart Orange BBQ Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill

The Livart Orange BBQ Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill is well known for its Yakitori-style cooking. Very few grills offer such comfortable grilling experience that you can have using this one. The flame grilling method adds to its reliability. It is easy to use and clean.  Incomparably, it possesses an frat, which is detachable.


  • Grill dimension is 18.5 x 5.1 x 9.25 inches
  • Weighs comparatively less, only 5.73 pounds
  • Offers adjustable and detachable stainless steel grill
  • Removable drip tray aids easy cleanup
  • Unique flame grilling method
  • Features one touch operation

Japanese Style BBQ Grill, Japanese Barbecue Grill Portable Barbecue

It is a well-decorated and highly efficient Japanese style grill, which is specifically marked as Japanese style barbecue grill.  It is made of metal materials. Consequently, it is durable and gives a thrilling experience of Japanese traditional grilling.

The most prominent feature about this grill is its hollowed air inlet, which filter the dust and regulates it inside resulting in an easy fire startup and controlling environment.  For adventure lovers, it is also amongst the top picks because of its portability.


  • Grill dimension is 24 X 12.5cm, 15 X 15cm, 12 X 12cm
  • Metal material heavy-duty construction
  • It is high heat resistance
  • Nonstick grill covering
  • Features hollowed air inlet that filter dust perfectly
  • Suitable for multiple purposes, from camping to tailgating and family gatherings s to picnics
  • Easy use and storage facility


What does Yakitori mean?

Yakitori means any sort or type of Japanese barbecue. Actually, it is a Japanese dish, which consists small pieces of chicken skewered, marinated and grilled.

What is a Yakitori Grill?

Yakitori is a Japanese grilling tool, which is widely used to grill chicken or to prepare a dish like shishkabob. A yakitori grill, usually, skewers or marinates the small pieces of meat, and cooks at relatively low heat.

Because of their rectangle shape, they are prominent for skewers. These grills maintain a divers, compound and cultural gravity of traditional Japanese grilling.  

These grills are lightweight, portable, and able to run on charcoal, gas, electricity, and other systems. A yakitori grill skewers the meat and vegetables very quickly and so conveniently that these two ingredients make one of the most renowned fast food in Asia making it a trend for chefs worldwide.

What makes a great Yakitori grill?

The most prominent and sturdy yakitori grills have certain advanced features, which have made them what they are. Within a fair price point, heavy-duty stainless steel construction, non-stick coating, removable hand trays, combustion ventilation system, compact size, and adjustable or foldable feature make a great yakitori grill.

How is yakitori cooked?

It is quite alike a process to cook the shishkabob-type dish. The meats are cut into small pieces, then they are skewered with Khushi (usually bamboo sticks). Then the yakitori is cooked and ready to serve.

What sauce for yakitori?

Using of sauces made yakitori so popular; different dipping and sauces make it tastier. However, the yakitori sauce, a blend of naturally brewed kikkoman soy sauce, and the teriyaki sauce has been more popular among the yakitori lovers over the years.

Which Skewers Should I Use for Yakitori?

One should use the bamboo skewers for yakitori initially. In fact, most people use bamboo skewers for yakitori traditionally.  These typical bamboo skewers are known as teppogushi, which literally means gun skewer in plain English.

What Type Of Charcoal Should I Use For A Yakitori Grill?

Traditionally, for yakitori grilling, the binchotan charcoal has been the first choice of everyone. It is known as the king of charcoal for yakitori grilling. Nevertheless, you may use briquettes or lump charcoal as well.

What is yakitori sauce made of?

Yakitori is the most popular sauce for yakitori .Yakitori sauce is the combination of the naturally brewed kikkoman soy sauce.


Yakitori sauce is so versatile. You can store yakitori sauce on refrigerator for a long time (at least 3-4 months easily).

Can I use a yakitori grill indoors?

Yes, definitely you can. Traditionally, yakitori grills use charcoal to cook. However, some people buy gas, electric or other type of yakitori grill. If you have a yakitori grill that runs on gas or electricity, you can use that indoor very easily.

On the other hand, charcoal yakitori grills can also be used indoor, but it is not safe to use them in an enclosed environment the coal does not burn properly and may create carbon monoxide poisoning. Besides, unrestrained use may polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines problems.

Which type of yakitori grill should I buy?

We recommend buying charcoal yakitori grill. Actually, charcoal is the most used method of cooking yakitori as it heats fast and heats very high with very strong flames. Most importantly, it gives very little and sometimes no water vapor. Charcoal yakitori grills are easily portable as well.

Is it possible to grill other than yakitori chicken on the yakitori grills?

Yes, of course. Every high-quality yakitori grill is able to cook you other types of vegetables and meat side by side with the yakitori. Additionally, grilling chicken is not your only option. A yakitori grill allows you to grill vegetables, BBQ, burgers, turkey, bread, hot dogs and steak as well.

Final Thoughts

It is no wonder that you may buy a yakitori grill nor, since you know what and how many special purposes they serve. They are also very affordable; available at a fair and friendly price point. In a true sense of the word, a yakitori grill can add a new dimension in your everyday grilling experience, be wherever you are, at home, camping or in a long trip. 

We have outlined a detailed discussion on the 10 best yakitori grills along with an all-inclusive buying guide for you. We believe, now you can choose the best yakitori grill for you wisely. It has always been our motto to get you to the best.


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