10 Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking in USA 2022

Indian foods are enriched with different tastes, aromas, and elements that can hardly be seen in other countries, especially in a different culture like the USA. Many people are seeking the best way to add Indian cooking and taste to their USA lifestyle.

In order to prepare an Indian dish in the traditional style, you need lots of items like different powders of various spices, chutney, and paste of different hard ingredients.

This specialized tool has been featured to mix and grind those things exactly in the same mechanical way which is suitable in the USA. From now, you can enjoy the spicy Indian delicacy alongside idli, dosa, and many more meals by using this type of special tool. 

Buying Guide for Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking in the USA

Before making your decision about buying a mixer grinder for Indian cooking in the USA, you should carefully research different aspects of such gadgets. These are->

Selecting the right model 

There are different brands of best mixer grinders for Indian cooking in the USA. Those brands manufacture different models of the same gadget with different features. These models can be categorized for their distinctive qualities and specific specialty.

The selection of the most suitable model relies on your preference, ability, and requirements. Try to select the gadget which is formed with the right combinations of your different expectations. You can choose the right product from the models of the brands we have discussed here.

Proper electric power 

When you are about to buy such a mixer grinder, the level of wattage plays a significant role.  There are different jars and blades of different sizes. In this case, you need to select a gadget that comes with a perfect proportionate wattage matching the capacity.

A well-balanced electric power will work smoothly and produce the finest ground ingredients. Most of the brands come with wattage ranging from 500 to 750 and more. You can choose the level according to the adjustment you expect. 

Structural analysis

We want to buy this specified mixer grinder in the hope of having the real taste of Indian cuisine for a longer period of time. Only a proper structure with high-quality materials can ensure such long service. Different models and brands have different coatings like strong food grade plastic, and steel and some of them come with a mixed body structure. Each style has its particular benefit.  Carefully analyze whether your tool is featured to be durable or not.

Jars and space

The number of jars included in the package of the gadget determines the actual space you can use. The jar’s number can vary from 2 to 3 which sometimes comes with a juice extracting part. The highest number of jars doesn’t mean the perfect space. Rather, your grinding amount and diversity are the main facts here. You can even choose a smaller size that can generate enough smooth production at an affordable price.

Control management

For grinding perfect ingredients regarding the various needs of Indian cooking, you must run the blades and wattage with proper control. Any imbalanced function in these sectors can ruin your all afford. So, try to find out the tool which is featured with multiple speed levels of the blade. Besides, the switch and cord must be well structured for hassle-free electricity management. 

Safety management

As you are going to deal with electric components and sharp grinding blades, safety is a very important fact to be checked. So, try to find the gadget which has a thermal switch and protective lid-based functioning. Safe electric materials and flawless power distribution are needed for avoiding unexpected hazards. 

Sturdy feet and easy cleaning 

You don’t expect your mixer grinder to be unstable while in use, do you? So, sturdy feet are another important feature that must be taken in your concern. On the other hand, cleaning your gadget after every use is a must. Try to select the gadget which provides the simplest cleaning benefit by giving easy access to its different components. 


Warranty on a product is not only a mental satisfaction but also a sign of its good quality.  You must ensure whether your mixer grinder has a fixed manufacturer warranty or not. Most of the best models from famous brands have more or fewer warranty features.

Best Mixer Grinders for Indian Cooking in USA Review

Preethi Eco Twin Jar Mixer Grinder

Indian cooking means the use of lots of spices, chutney, and paste of various things. Do you seek such a gadget to help you in cooking with the essence of pure Indian taste? In that case, this particular mixer grinder has come with those traditional grinding options. It is such an invention that will enable you to grind even the toughest elements.

The product comes with dimensions of 13×8.6×12.6 inches and the item has a weight of 9 pounds. The tool works with the mechanical power of 110v 60 Hz voltage with 550 watts. There is a regular jar for general grinding and the other jar is for making chutney.  With this mixer grinder, you can have the finest ground items for the tastiest Indian cuisine with family and friends.

Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum 550 Watts 3 Jar Indian Mixer Grinder 110 Volts

This innovative model has come with renovated appearance and appliances which can grind perfect spice powder, spice paste, and batter for ultimate Indian cooking. Wherever you are, this tool will help you to taste the traditional flavors of Indian meals. The tool is featured with three jars of different categories.

There is a jar for chutney, a medium-size jar, and a large one as well. These can accommodate the amounts of 0.4 liters, 1.5 liters, and 1.75 liters respectively. This electric-based mixer grinder works with the voltage of 110v 60Hz and 550 watts. The product has dimensions of 17×15×10 inches and the item covers the weight of 14.08 lbs. You can taste the Indian delicacies greatly with this multi-optional tool. You can also extract juice from any fruits.

Hamilton Beach Professional Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder

Do you want to mix and grind the ingredients required for Indian cooking? Are you willing to show professionalism in preparing idli, chutney, or dry spice powder? If your answer is yes, this mixer grinder from Hamilton Beach is the tool you need. There is a motor that can generate 2.2 peak horsepower.

The attachment of three jars is featured to manage 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 liters each. The electric power has the voltage to reach 1400 Watts rated power. The item comes with dimensions of 10.75×8×19.5 inches. Besides, the item has a weight of 19.91 lbs.  You can also have 13 program settings in it.  Through the support of this multifunctional gadget, you can easily cook the Indian food you like most.

ULTRA Stealth 750-Watt 3 Jar Mixer Grinder, 110 Volts, Medium,

If you are looking for a powerful mixer grinder that can provide you with supreme Indian cooking options in the USA, this special edition from ‘Ultra’ is an ideal choice. Here you can have 3 jars of small, medium, and large sizes. These jars can accommodate 0.5 liters, 0.8 liters, and 1.5 liters. This mixer grinder works with a maximum power of 750 watts which also deals with the voltage of 110v 60Hz.

The dimensions of the product can be measured as 16×9×14 inches. The item has a weight of 12 Pounds. By following some easy rules, you can bring the best out of this gadget. It is a mechanical product that is ideally designed for the Indian grinding style in the USA. Buy this for your desired delicacy like idli, dosa, batter, chutney, and paste of an ingredient. 

Preethi Mixer Grinder, 13 x 8.6 x 12.5 inches,

This model of mixer grinder from the brand ‘Preethi’ has been moderated to give an efficient performance. Being perfectly designed for the USA, you can prepare your Indian spice powder, chutney, and paste for Idli and dosa in this machine. The whole dimensions of the tool are fitted with the item weight of 11 Pounds.

You will find three jars of different sizes. The chutney has the capacity of 0.5 liters whereas the medium and large jar has the capacity of 1.0 and 1.5 liters. The electric cord deals with 110v 60 Hz volt providing 550 watts power. The tool can give you productive services with simple actions.

Tabakh Prime Indian Mixer Grinder | 600 Watts

If you want a suitable mixer grinder to fit in a small place and give you the scope for preparing Indian cooking ingredients, the ‘Tabakh Prime’ Indian mixer grinder will be a great choice.  The tool is structured with a Jar of different sizes. The chutney jar has a 0.4-liter capacity whereas the other jar has a 1.5-liter accommodating place.

With the set voltage of 110v 60 Hz, the tool can deal with 600 Watts electric power. This product comes with dimensions of 12× 8×10 inches and the item weighs 8.48 LBS.  Enjoy your favorite cooking journey with this smart gadget.

Ultra Stealth 750-Watt 4-Jar Mixer Grinder,

This edition from ‘Elgi Ultra’ has extra jars, various functions, and different characteristics. The tool is well formulated to grind all those typical ingredients which are required for delicious Indian cooking. This tool will help you to prepare different things like smoothies, chutney, dry grinding, and a lot more.

This gadget functions with the voltage of 110v 60 Hz where are you can have a peak power of 750 watts. It has four jars of different sizes such as 0.5 liter, 0.8 liters, and 1.5 liters and the other one is a juice extractor. It comes with dimensions of 17×15×10 inches alongside the item weighs 15.35 lbs.

Preethi Eco Plus Mixer Grinder 110-Volt for use in USA/Canad

This upgraded gadget from the brand ‘Preethi’ can be your productive choice for helping Indian cuisine in the countries like the USA. The package comes with dimensions of 18×17×10 inches and the item has a weight of 12 Pounds. The three different types of grinding sectors like the chutney jar alongside the medium and large jars can deal with 0.4 liters, 1.0 liter, and 1.5 liters.

It also works with a total voltage of 110v 60 Hz and 550 Watts of electric power. You just need to follow the manual properly to setup it up perfectly and thus you can have perfect powder spices, chutney, Idli, dosas, and a lot more.

Butterfly 4 Jar Mixer Grinder – 110 V Matchless

Do you want a mixer grinder that will give an aesthetic feeling and pure class to Indian cooking?  This gadget can provide matchless performance regarding that. It works with 750 watts of power through the processing voltage of 110V.

There are four jars including the juice extractor. The versatile jars are perfect for versatile Indian cooking ingredients. It is great for both wet and dry grinding. Besides, it helps to grind soup, cake batter, and lot more. It has a weight of 12 pounds.

Elgi Ultra DuraMix-4J 750-Watt Mixer,

It is a stylish technology for mixing and grinding the typical elements required for your Indian cooking in the USA. There are attachments of three jars where the small one is having a 0.5-liter size, and the medium & large jars can hold 0.8 L. & 1.5 L. each. This item is featured with dimensions of 15× 8×10 inches and weighs 16.96 pounds. It deals with a maximum power of 750 watts.  There is a jar that is included for extracting juice. All in all, it is a truly technological excellence.

FAQ for Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking

Why do I need a specialized mixer grinder for Indian cooking in other regions?

Indian cooking style is very different and unique which can hardly be matched with the cooking styles of other countries. Indian food requires lots of dry spices and chutneys, and there are different types of foods as well.  So grinding those typical ingredients is nearly impossible by using the mixer grinders which are based on smoothies only. That is why you cannot but use the specialized mixer grinder for Indian cooking.

Can I buy a mixer grinder from India to use that in the USA?

You cannot do that because the USA-based mixer grinder works with different voltage and mechanical structures. You may try to modify the voltage system of your Indian gadget but that can malfunction most of the time. No need to worry as there are different brands that have invented the perfect mixer grinder for Indian cooking in the USA.

Can such a mixer grinder work for both wet and dry grinding?

Dry grinding refers to those ground elements where you do not expect any kinds of liquid essence such as chili and turmeric powder. On the other hand, wet grinding means the ground paste-like pulping of vegetables for the soups, making different types of chutneys, and preparing the batter for idli or dosas. There are many brands of mixer grinders that will give you both the grinding options at the same gadget. 

How can I deal in case my mixer grinder gets a bad odor?

We use our mixer grinder for different purposes like making a paste of different elements, chutney, and dry powders. So there is every possibility that your mixer grinder may get some bad odor at times.

The best way you can follow to prevent it; is by cleaning your gadget regularly.  Yet, if there is a bad odor, you can get rid of it by adding some baking powder with warm water into the container and then wait for 15 minutes. Then simply rinse it with water.

Is a mixer grinder for Indian cooking in the USA worth the investment? 

If you want to live with pure tradition and enrich your American life with Indian food habits, this special kind of mixer grinder is a must for you. By using this, you can get prepared for the supreme classic taste of Indian meals even from a place far from India. This incredible benefit makes this gadget worth your investment.

Which is the best mixer grinder for Indian cooking in the USA?

You will find different models of different brands of mixer grinders which are providing features for Indian cooking. The best mixer grinder in this category will provide you with multifunctional features, a good warranty period, durability, smooth electric controls, and a lot more benefits. You can choose your particular best gadget from renowned manufacturers like Preethi, ULTRA, Tabakh, Elgi Ultra, Hamilton Beach, and Butterfly.

Final Thoughts

In order to get authentic support for Indian cooking in the USA, you need an authentic mixer grinder designed for such particular needs. For ensuring the highest quality, you need to identify and select the best gadget.

In this case, you need complete guidance and proper information. All these gadgets are manufactured by well-known trustworthy brands.

There are differences in the use of materials; numbers of jars, price, and wattage capacity but all of them are perfectly featured to fulfill your basic needs regarding preparing chutney, a paste of different ingredients for idli, dosa, and necessary dry spice powders. You can choose any of these selected models and prepare the best Indian foods for your desire.

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