Best Cast Iron Hibachi Grill of 2022 (Expert Pick!)

What is the best way of barbecuing alike home out on the road? What grills are more diminutive yet amazingly handy and durable?  Well, the best-cast iron hibachi grills could be the more authentic answer to these questions. Actually, cast iron construction makes them more reliable and durable.

If you dive into the grill market, there is almost no end of options. However, you have to find the best-cast iron hibachi grills, which could be an exhausting and time-consuming process indeed.

To narrow down your search, we have found the best cast iron hibachi grills for you. Let’s examine their top features, pros, and cons along with an exhaustive buying guide that will help you get the best one for your needs.

What is Hibachi Grill?

Firstly, know a bit more detail about Hibachi grills. Hibachi, a Japanese word, simply indicates a traditional heating device. In the 8th century the Hibachi design, a charcoal-fueled container, came into being for the first time and was being used to cook and heat.

The container design remained the same, and the manufacturers just place a grill just over the top. These grills are commonly made from cast iron; use charcoal as the heating source. They are easily portable nod aired for smoke-flavored meat as well.

What to Look For in The Best Cast Iron Hibachi grills?

There are some qualities the cast iron hibachi grill must-have. Therefore, to make the most of your money, you have to safeguard your investment by making sure that the grill you are about to buy has these qualities in it:

Cooking Surface

Most of the cast iron hibachi grills have average cooking surfaces. Still, there are some with big enough cooking surfaces like the Mr. Flame Son of Hibachi Portable Vintage Cast Iron Charcoal Grill. Moreover, there are grills with a tiny cooking surface like the Update International Cast Iron Hibachi. So choose wisely and as per budget.

Frequency of Use

This is also very important.  Because if you are a hobbyist and don’t want to grill frequently, then a budget-friendly average type model will serve the purpose for you. When you are a professional or require frequent use, it is wise to buy the costlier and well-constructed grills.

Adjustable Temperature

For convenient cooking, it is important to be able to adjust the temperature. If you can change the height of the grate, it will do good; just bring the coals closer is by turning them upside down. So buy a grill like Mr. Flame Son of Hibachi Portable Vintage Cast Iron Charcoal Grill.


Usually, cast iron grills require more maintenance than average grills. Yet choosing wisely may save your time and energy. For instance, Mr. Flame Son of Hibachi Portable Vintage Cast Iron Charcoal Grill has a foldable design with a self-cleaning system, which makes it much easier to clean just by folding up the unit. Look for such features.


Yes, size, and weight matter. If you have a tiny place to put your grill, you have options like the Update International Cast Iron Hibachi. Nevertheless, remember, such tiny grills will not be able to serve more than two people.

Most of the cast iron hibachi grills are lightweight. Still prefer your needs.

Consider Grill Seasoning

You have to consider the startup. It is essential to season the cast iron grills before use.  If you are lazy and want to enjoy hassle-free cooking just after buying a cast iron grill, you have to go for the pre-seasoned grills. Go for options like the Chef Master, and Cast Iron Mini Hibachi Grill.

Quick Heat Up

If you want the fastest heat up, you have to go for the small grills. They are small, so is able to heat up faster than the standard size hibachi grills.

On the other hand, bigger sizes may take more time to get to the cooking temperature. However, the plus point is they will also last for a long time.


The cast iron hibachi grills are indeed less costly compared to others of its type. Yet you have to decide between the best one available in the market.

If you have no problem with the best, we recommend getting the best one available in the market. Examine different options if your budget is low.

Detailed Reviews of Cast Iron Hibachi Grills

ChefMaster , Cast Iron Mini Hibachi Grill, Indoor S’mores

The cast iron hibachi grill literally pops up on top of any list when you opt for a mini grill for your kitchen or house. It is very easy to use; you just need to add some chafing fuel to start barbecuing anywhere at any time as it is space-saving.

The most obvious and attractive thing about this grill is its plinth; it is made of cast iron and technically crafted to make the fire chamber stand on the three short legs. It is more protective for the tabletop, still weighs only 2.47 pounds. The grate holes are closer together and narrower for the most convenient cooking experience. 


  • The grill dimensions are 3.74 x 3.4 x 5.32 inches
  • It weighs only 2.47 pounds
  • Made from very durable cast iron
  • Comes with a stylish wooden base
  • It has three short legs
  • Much more protective for tabletop
  • It doesn’t have any tool to remove the grate even no drawers or vents
  • Heats up to the cooking temperature in 10 minutes
  • This is suitable for small food items, e.g., appetizers, s’mores, , entrees, etc.

Mr. Flame Son of Hibachi Portable Vintage Cast Iron Charcoal

If you are looking for charcoal a barbecuing system that is both versatile and suitable for home and travel, Mr. Flame son of hibachi portable vintage cast iron charcoal grill is for you.

It is an exceptionally designed vintage model grill from the 1980s. Its ability to give the advantage of professional-level cooking has listed it as one of the best-cast iron hibachi grills.

It has quite an enormous cooking space, and it heats up very fast to give you the ultimate comfort irrespective of any season or occasion. Additionally, you can use it as a self-cleaning oven and a self-extinguishing barbecue.


  • The grill dimensions are 13.5 x 10.5 x 6.3 inches
  • It weighs 17.16 pounds
  • It is actually a vintage model from the 1980s
  • Very durable carbon steel construction and the cooking grids are cast iron made
  • The total cooking surface is 170 square inches
  • It is designed like a self-cleaning oven that saves unused charcoal for later
  • It has amalgamated the blast furnace concept with the chimney effect
  • Gets to the cooking temperature in only 10 minutes
  • It has sturdy legs and very convenient handles for carrying

Update International Cast Iron Hibachi Set,Black

When it comes to a perfect traditional hibachi grill, the Update International cast iron hibachi set is a perfect choice for you. Update International manufactures it to maintain a cone shape, which is classic and upholds the Japanese heritage in a really affordable, portable, and sturdy grill.

It stands on a stylish wooden frame, and it’s pretty safe to use on all occasions. The small cooking surface is suitable for s’mores, toasted snacks, or other small meals.

Interestingly, it is also usable as a platter like the pu pu platters that we see in USA-based Chinese restaurants.


  • The grill dimensions are 4 x 4 x 6 inches
  • This is very lightweight; weighs only 2.25 pounds
  • Smooth cast iron made construction
  • Very small; measures 3-1/3 inches in diameter and only 4 inches tall
  • Perfect match for the center of 12-inch and 14-inch pu pu platters
  • Comes with a wooden base, which is uniquely and elegantly designed with a dark vibe
  • Comes with a dead flat cooking grate
  • The holes in the cooking grate are relatively small compared to others of its kind

Firefly 9″ Compact Portable Charcoal Grill

This is a compact portable charcoal grill of Firefly. It is quite simple and small; weighs less than 4 pounds, yet is well worthy to provide greater function and fun anywhere and anytime. Put simply, it could be your perfect tool for enjoying supreme grilling in boating, tailgating, or fishing. You can transport it by placing it at the back of an SUV or truck.

It comes fully assembled with a 9″ hinged cooking surface, which is enough to serve delicious dishes to 2-3 people at a time. Besides, its hinged top allows very easy disposal of the charcoal; very easy to use and maintain.


  • The grill dimensions are 10.25 x 10.25 x 8.25 inches
  • It weighs 3.6 pounds
  • It offers a  9″ hinged cooking surface
  • It stands on three legs
  • Well designed for s’mores, marshmallows, and other small meals
  • The hinged top is also handy for easy disposal of the charcoal
  • Comes fully assembled in the box
  • It is imported from the USA

StyleMbro Japanese Yakiniku Grill for Yakiniku

This amazing Japanese yakiniku grill is known for its cute looks and offering a Japanese-style authentic grilling experience. It is a perfect Japanese tabletop grill. Its inexpensive price tag, and genuine and elegant Japanese appearances have made it listed among the best-cast iron hibachi grills.

It possesses very durable stainless steel grill grates, and aluminum body construction and the details are perfect, which make it suitable for any occasion. Its ash openings and the stainless steel charcoal holder are blessings for ultimate comfort. You can just buy it right away to enjoy its versatility in cooking Japanese-style food.


  • The grill dimensions for body: 5.0″ x 5.0″ x 3.7″, for upper grill : 5.0″ x 5.0″ x 0.2″, and for assembled grill: 5.0″ x 5.0″ x 4.0″
  • It is exceptionally lightweight; weighs only 1.63 pounds
  • Features aluminum constructed  and stainless steel grill grates body
  • Offers Japanese style table-top stove
  • Comes with an inner charcoal steel case
  • Comes with a paulownia wooden base plate to prevent heating issues on the table or countertops
  • It has 6 skewers included
  • Superbly optimized up to 2-3 people
  • Charcoal briquettes are perfect as a fuel source

Cast Iron Grill,Table Top Portable Charcoal Grill Japanese Grill

IAXSEE manufactures this grill targeting those people who enjoy juicy cooked meats and smoky grilled flavor both indoor and outdoor. This is a compact package with a simple design to ensure Japanese-style cooking. As it is lightweight, it is perfect for any occasion and place, be picnics, trailers, camping, tailgating, parks, backpacking, etc.

This tabletop grill, being a small one, uses very little charcoal and traps the heat inside for cooking faster than the other grills of its kind. Apart from this, it takes very little space to stand, so you can also store it safely after use.


  • The grill dimensions are 10 x 6 x 5.6 inches
  • It weighs just about 3.79 pounds
  • Doesn’t come assembled, so assembly is required as per instructions
  • Enables disassembly anytime
  • It is high temperature and windproof
  • Upholds the Japanese style BBQ
  • It is backed by a 1-year warranty
  • It’s imported from the USA

The Pros and Cons of Cast Iron Hibachi Grills

Practically speaking, there are some advantages and disadvantages of cast iron hibachi grills. So before you go to buy one, it is important to know about them:


  • It can retain heat very well for  a long time
  • Lasts a long time
  • Takes a very little space
  • Inexpensive when considering the quality
  • These grill are highly portable and offer a compact design
  • They run on easily affordable charcoal
  • Trap the heat inside and stays hot for a long time
  • Easy to set up anywhere virtually
  • These grills are versatile
  • These grills Cook very well in small batches
  • Heat very quickly and evenly
  • It is very easy to store these grills


  • It rusts and corrodes over time
  • Really small cooking spaces; only for 2-4 people
  • There is no lid, so no indirect grilling or smoking
  • There are no vents, so it is not easy to control the heat
  • The cleanup is not easy,  and it requires cleaning while the grates are still warm
  • You have to do more and regular maintenance


Here is the answer to some questions you might want to know before buying a cast iron hibachi grill.

How Have We Chosen Our top Hibachi Grills?

Before coming up with our 06 best-cast iron hibachi grills, we have done extensive research that took a lot of time. From a long list, we have narrowed it down to the top products. This way:

  • Examining the top online store and consumers reviews
  • Making a list of products with the most positive reviews

Is Hibachi Really Japanese?

Yes, this was originated in the 18th century as a charcoal-fueled container to cook and heat. Over the years, it has evolved pretty much. Now the tabletop grills are the modern form of it.

Are cast iron hibachi grills law quality?

No, they are not. These grills are affordable and some are available at a very lower-end budget, but this doesn’t compromise their quality. The construction is durable and easily lasts long. Just choose wisely

Is having a lid necessary?

No, it is not necessary. Most hibachi grills don’t come with lids, yet they work just fine. However, these days some manufacturers offer lids, yet portable that enable cooking thicker meats as well.

How Does a Hibachi Grill cook?

There is no lid in the traditional hibachi grills. Put simply, hibachi grills cook directly over the live flame. Consequently, it can cook smaller straps of meat very quickly and evenly.

How Hot is a Hibachi Grill?

In case you don’t know, the hibachi design came into being as a charcoal-fueled container to cook and heat. It indeed can heat very quickly and get very hot. Thus, it ensures faster cooking than other average grills.

What Can I Cook on a Hibachi Grill?

  • Breast fillets
  • Steaks
  • Kebabs
  • Hotdogs
  • Tofu
  • Beans
  • Vegetables etc

How Can I Use a Hibachi Grill?

  • For the optimal result, you must know how to use a hibachi grill effectively. Just do as follows:
  • Arrange a safe zone by keeping away from places and things that can cause fire hazards. Also, avoid the surface of glass, wood, or plastic.
  • You have to season your cast iron Hibachi if grill if it is not pre-seasoned. Avoid grease or lard; use olive oil and vegetable. Keeping it for an hour at 350-degree in an oven will do the rest.
  • Then start the coals using either a charcoal starter or lighter fluid.
  • Take some time to heat up the grill properly.
  • Start grilling by putting your food on the grill.
  • To ensure durability, clean up the grill properly after every use. However, don’t use soap.

How Can I Take Care of My Cast Iron Hibachi Grill?

  • As mentioned, to make the most of your money, you have to maintain your grill properly. Proper maintenance will ensure the longevity of your grill. Otherwise, the cast iron will rust and food will stick to it.
  • Use a nylon brush to remove food every time after cooking
  • To rinse after scrubbing, use hot water
  • Never use soap and agents like this
  • Use oil on the grates sometimes
  • Maintain the seasoning properly; use cooking oil to cover the whole grill and store it in a dry place

How Can I Take Care of My Cast Iron Hibachi Grill?

  • As mentioned, to make the most of your money, you have to maintain your grill properly. Proper maintenance will ensure the longevity of your grill. Otherwise, the cast iron will rust and food will stick to it.
  • Use a nylon brush to remove food every time after cooking
  • To rinse after scrubbing, use hot water
  • Never use soap and agents like this
  • Use oil on the grates sometimes
  • Maintain the seasoning properly; use cooking oil to cover the whole grill and store it in a dry place

Final Thoughts

Frankly speaking, it doesn’t actually matter whether you are looking for a grill to grill at home or enjoy outings, cast iron hibachi grills are the suitable options. These grills take a little space, are easy and safe to use, besides highly portable. The smoky-flavored food is another plus to buying cast iron hibachi grills.


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